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Dry classifying uses no water, providing a very environmentally friendly and economical classifying solution. Metso air classifiers provide a full system solution with an alternative to wet classifying. Metso has acquired multiple patents in cyclone classifier separation technology through 75 years of application engineering and practical experience. Dry processing of manufactured asphalt and concrete sands... Metso Classifiers Gravitational Inertial The design of the Metso gravitational inertial classifier uses air flow, gravity, and directional changes to achieve material cut points from...

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Centrifugal unit in series with gravitational inertial unit. 75 tph mobile unit, transportable to job sites, incorporates quick set up hydraulics and ceramic liners for wear protection. Centrifugal Classifiers Gravitational Industrial Classifiers These Metso units employ centrifugal forces, similar to cyclones, to separate particles at cut points between 20 and 100 microns. A series of internal baffles apply drag forces to the coarse particles while allowing air to pass through them, resulting in separation of the fines. The heaviest particles drop to the bottom of the classifier where they...

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Typical Classified Materials Alumina Basalt Calcium carbonate catalyst cement coal diatomaceous earth dicalcium phosphate fertilizer fly ash granite granular chemicals lime limestone metal powders phosphate rock plastic pellets potash salt silica fumes soda ash zinc powder Expect results It is our promise to our customers and the essence of our strategy. Metso Minerals Industries, Inc., 2715 Pleasant Valley Road, York, PA 17402 USA, tel +1 717 849 7213, fax +1 717 849 7252, The information contained herein is a general description only, is not guaranteed and contains no...

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