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Inclined plate settlers Compact thickening and clarification, reduced retention time

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Inclined plate settlers Metso’s inclined plate pack principle uses several parallel inclined plates to maximise the available area for any available floor area. In this way, the size and cost of the gravity settler can be minimized by matching the thickening and clarifying requirements more closely. The two basic criteria for gravity settling equipment are good clarity of the over flow liquid and maximum density of the underflow solids discharge. The area required to clarify a suspension is often greater than that needed for thickening. This means that in a cylindrical thickening tank, the...

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Overflow outlet Overflow launders Rake lift (optional) Flocculation agitator Feed inlet Flocculation agitator Inclined plate pack Sludge hopper Rake with drive unit Underflow outlet Inclined Plate Settler The Inclined Plate Settler (IPS) consists of two main components, the upper tank containing the plate packs inclined at 55° and the lower conical or cylindrical sludge tank. The feed for the IPS enters through vertical chambers on either side of the plate packs and passes into each plate gap through slotted feed ports. Clarification takes place above the suspension inlet so there is...

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Advantages • Heavy duty construction of tank, sludge hopper and inclined plate pack, as well as the rake system. Rake lifting mechanism as option • Positioning of specifically designed feed ports for optimum ratio between clarification and thickening area • Wide spacing of inclined plates to handle high density feed pulps and coarse solid particles • No short circuiting or surface turbulence • Integrated flocculator with variable speed stirrer Lower installation costs • Delivered as one-piece unit or in prefabricated sections • Smaller foundations • Less floor space • Square outline for...

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Model LTO The LTO model is designed for total projected settling areas of 15 to 500m2 and is suitable for the following applications: • Small to medium solids flow rate • Slurries containing coarse fractions Options: • Extended sludge hopper • Flocculator with variable drive stirrer • Automatic rake lifting device • Automatic underflow control Model LTS The LTS model combines a circular sludge tank and rake mechanism with the clarification capability of the LT inclined plate pack system in a single compact unit. The rakes, together with the larger sludge tank, give: • Increased sludge...

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Model LTC The LTC model consists of a number of inclined plate packs installed in a conventional cylindrical thickener tank with a standard centre-drive rake mechanism to remove the thickened sludge. The compact prefabricated plate packs of the LTC design allows the use of very large clarification areas installed in a fraction of the floor area required for a conventional thickener without inclined plate packs. The LTC system allows a substantial reduction in the overall investment cost. In some applications, the LTC can also be used as a classifier; changing the number of plate packs in...

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LTK Model H (max) L W A Total volume Sludge volume Flocculator volume Weight empty mm (ft) mm (ft) mm (ft) mm (ft) mm3 (ft3) mm3 (ft3) mm3 (ft3) kg (lbs) Heavy duty IPS with radially placed inclined plate pack. Sedimentation equipment 17

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Making the big difference to our customers Everything we do is based on deep industry knowledge and expertise that makes the big difference to our customers. Decades of close customer collaboration and adapting to our customers’ ever changing needs have transformed us into a knowledge company. Subject to alteration without prior notice

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