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Holo-Flite ® Thermal Processor

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Holo-Flite® Thermal Processor Holo-Flite® is an indirect heat exchanger utilizing a hollow screw for heating, cooling or drying bulk solids, filter cakes, pastes or sludges. Metso has over 60 years experience in the application design and manufacturing of indirect heat exchanger systems and components. The HoloFlite® is a proven and efficient thermal processor with over 3,000 installations worldwide. Process principle In the Metso Holo-Flite® processor, individual particles are heated or cooled as they come in contact with the surfaces of the hollow flights, shaft and trough. The product to...

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Process advantages Eliminates product contamination • Heat transfer agent does not come in contact with the product Highest thermal efficiency • Heat transfer agent is continuously recycled Economical operation • Lower power consumption • Mechanical simplicity • Continuous operation • Low maintenance • No operator required Minimal dusting • Gentle rotation (1-2 rpm) with little outside air in a controlled atmosphere Temperature control • Process materials at closely-controlled temperatures and eliminates hot spots Operating advantages Patented Twin Pad screw design • Screw speed and...

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Metso can test your product on both a preliminary feasibility or on a full-scale production basis with either a lab-size unit or a production-size Holo-Flite®. We can perform heating, cooling, drying, cooking and solvent evaporation tests quickly and accurately with your samples. Metso can also provide Holo-Flite® rental units for in-plant testing. The units come with self-contained electrical hot oil heater. All rental units are complete with vapor dome and variable speed drive and are on skids for ease of shipment and installation. Applications Chemical processing • Cooling: Calcium...

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Holo-Flite® screw construction specifications Front flight Conveys material continuously through the HoloFlite® processor. Hollow stempipe Seamless, heavywalled pipe. Back flight The jacketed portion of the flight allows the heat transfer agent to circulate through the flights. Shaft Extends through the trough housing and is supported by bearings. Rotary joint Allows screw to rotate while providing a seal to stationary piping. Siphon tube Allows inlet and outlet heat transfer agent to move through the same end of the screw. Block plate Prevents intermixing of inlet and outlet heat transfer...

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Heater skid Holo-Flite®

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D 12 10 - 5 I ^-Pitch of screws- inches 1-Nominal length of screws - feeh (mm) 1-Nominal diametet on screws - inches (mm) Number of screws in tier - S - single D - double Q - quadruple

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