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En-Masse Conveyors and Elevators

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Proven Performance with over 70 years of experience in thousands of applications En-Masse Conveyors and Elevators Metso en-masse conveyors and elevators are the industry standard featuring a highly flexible design that allows a single machine to replace several conventional units. They can be used for both horizontal and vertical conveying of virtually any free-flowing bulk material. Capacities at over 600 tons per hour are possible in a single machine, at material temperatures up to 900° F. An Economical Solution Our en-masse conveyors are designed to offer the most dependable, efficient...

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Metso en-masse conveyors and elevators provide a completely enclosed distribution and reclamation system for bulk materials. Self feeding capability of Metso en-masse machines eliminates the need for separate feeders at the bin discharge. Low Maintenance Maintenance is simple and does not require personnel with a technical background. Slow component wear rates allow for scheduling maintenance several months in advance. Ease of Installation Metso en-masse conveyors and elevators have lower erection costs. Casing sections are shipped pre-assembled with the internal terminal machinery factory...

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Conveyor/Elevators L Type The “L” type combination of conveyor and elevator is the most popular configuration since it enables one single piece of equipment to do the work of feeding, conveying and elevating. Z Type This is used where space considerations do not allow the use of a combination of L-type and horizontal conveyors. Necessary seals in the drum corner limit the use of this type to specific materials or situations where seals can be monitored. Vertical Closed Circuit This style conveys and elevates in a vertical plane. They may be used to distribute to and reclaim from a series of...

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Horizontal Conveyors Maximum reliability with direct loading and minimum controls. Metso series 1300 en-masse conveyors are used strictly for conveying, either horizontal or on an incline. These conveyors can have multiple inlets and outlets for feeding and discharging at intermediate locations. They can be combined with other styles of Metso en-masse machines to create a completely enclosed, dust-free handling system. Series 1300 en-masse conveyors use flat T-type flights. These links are available in various strengths to match the required chain pull. For high strength applications, a...

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Horizontal Closed Circuit Conveyors Horizontal closed circuit (side-pull) conveyors may be employed in a wide variety of applications, including storing, reclaiming and serving packaging or processing machines. This style of en-masse distributing conveyor may receive more feed points and discharge at any number of openings. Side pull flights are used in the Metso series 2000 machines. This unique chain and flight design allows conveying around bends in a horizontal plane without transfer points or loss of head room. Side-pull flights convey material en-masse in the cast flights (several...

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Series 1000 One-piece cast links with integral flights. Malleable iron standard. Optional materials include alloy steel, stainless steel, and manganese bronze U-Flights* Standard style for use with most materials. Web Flights* For clean out or handling fine materials. Flat Chain* For horizontal conveying. Series 2000 Offset type chain with bushed, steel side bars. Ductile iron flights standard. Optional materials available. Standard Flight For handling most materials. Wiper Flight With attached strips to clean casing. Series 1300 Several flight styles available. Cast Chain* For...

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Expect results Expect results is our promise to our customers and the essence of our strategy. It is the attitude we share globally.Our business is to deliver results to our customers to help them reach their goals. metso Metso Minerals Industries, Inc., 2715 Pleasant Valley Road, York PA, 17402 USA, tel +1 717 849 7213, fax +1 717 849 7252, www.metso.com

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