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Metso Conveyor Solutions Handbook Launch Edition

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Conveyor Solutions Accessories Belts Components

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Contents Conveyor Solutions The vital role of conveyor systems 8 Conveyor Solutions you can count on 9 Common Conveyor challenges 11 Health, safety and environment 113 Cleaners - Primary and secondary 19 Light, medium or heavy? 20 Selection Guide - Primary cleaners 21 Selection Guide - Secondary cleaners 43 Product information Belt Cleaning Systems 16 Belt Guiding Systems 66 Pulley Lagging Systems 100 Steel Cord Belts 135 Reference list

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It’s in your hands Welcome to the 2016 edition of the Metso Conveyor Solutions handbook. Right now, you’re holding a whole new world of conveyor systems in your hands. The information contained in this handbook has the potential to transform your operations – to increase the safety, productivity and ultimately the profitability of your business. Ready to go?

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How to use this handbook Whether you’re looking for a complete conveyor solution, or just a replacement belt cleaner, we’re confident you’ll find it here. To save you time, we’ve structured the product information as clearly and simply as possible. There are three chapters: accessories, belts and components. Supporting information is placed next to the relevant product section. For example, the accessories chapter contains a list of ‘Common conveyor challenges’ and how to deal with them. Here, we share our knowhow and experience to help you avoid some of the common pitfalls of conveying....

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The vital role of conveyor systems Conveyor Systems are a crucial factor in mining, aggregate and industrial operations, underpinning efficiency and – ultimately – profitability. Just like the circulatory systems in our bodies and the currents in the ocean, they move resources from one point to another. Downtime costs money With the rapid throughput of systems both upstream and downstream that depend on conveyors, it’s important to choose the right solution. Conveyor transport plays such a central role in production. If it fails the whole system fails – making your business vulnerable to...

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Conveyor Solutions you can count on 3 8

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Belt Cleaning Systems 0 Belt Guiding Systems 0 Sealing Systems 0 Loading Systems 0 Pulley Lagging Systems 0 HiSafe Systems 0 Other Accessories 0 Conveyor Belts Idlers jo) Pulleys ji) Hoods Holdbacks

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Common conveyor challenges Conveyors typically operate in really demanding conditions: a dirty environment, intense heat, moisture and very low temperatures. If poorly maintained, a conveyor may experience rapid belt wear and component failure, of components, with consequent stoppages and downtime and with a corresponding negative impact on productivity and profits. Here, we take a close look at some of the most common challenges conveyors face, and propose ways to handle them. ... and how to deal with them Slippage Mistracking 11 Conveyor Solutions Conveyor carryback occurs when small...

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Spillage of material usually occurs during the loading and unloading of a conveyor, but can also occur during transport. One risk during loading is that the impact of falling materials exceeds what the conveyor can absorb, causing damage to the conveyor belt and components. Another risk is spillage that occurs when the loading zone is not tightly sealed. Waste product and dust can fall on the ground, get into the conveyor components and cause damage. During transport, spillage is often caused by mistracking or leakage. Metso’s Belt guiding, Sealing and Loading systems address these issues...

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There is so much more to a good conveyor than the belt and frame.

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Conveyor Accessories Your conveyor is so vital to operations that it is sometimes described as 'the main artery' When it isn't running properly, your mine, quarry or construction site can't run properly either. It makes sense to employ every possible measure to protect your conveyor and avoid unscheduled conveyor stoppages - whether they are caused by a dusty environment, material spillage or impact damage. On the following pages, you can read about the accessories Metso provides to keep your equipment running efficiently and your business running smoothly. Systems: Belt Cleaning...

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Belt Cleaning Systems Belt Guiding Systems Loading Systems Sealing Systems Pulley Lagging Systems HiSafe Systems Adhesives

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Belt Cleaning Systems Carryback causes a whole series of problems. It represents a safety and environmental hazard, adds to your cleanup expenses, and generally prevents your conveyor belt from performing at its best. Metso offers a broad range of belt cleaners designed to prevent carryback and thereby alleviate these problems. Each of our cleaners is designed with the quality you've come to expect from Metso. We help you choose products that fit your budget and performance needs best, and make sure they are installed correctly to start delivering benefits right away. Cleaners - Primary and...

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The right material for the job When you’re choosing a conveyor solution for products like mineral ores, crushed stone, gravel, wood chips and coal, it must be fit for purpose. That means strong enough to carry heavy loads at high speeds across significant distances. It must also be capable of handling heat, cold, moisture, dust and grit, along with shocks and shear forces. To be sure our conveyor solutions perform reliably in your working environment, Metso continuously advances the science and engineering behind them. We pay special attention to ensuring the right materials are available...

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To check this hypothesis, we tested two different belt cleaners on a conveyor in a granite quarry. One was the ABC90, which is considered as a standard material in the industry. The other was our patented dual-hardness cleaner, the ABC70. We ran consecutive tests using first one belt cleaner and then the other on the same conveyor. After 1000 hours, the wear on the ABC90 cleaner was 348 grams, while the wear on the ABC70 was a mere 63 grams. Demonstrating a five times better performance than the standard material, Metso's premium dual-hardness cleaner makes an important contribution to our...

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