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Two coke calciners in Bahrain KVS Coke calcining systems Metso provides systems and equipment for thermal processing of solid materials such as ores, minerals, bulk granular chemicals, agricultural products, and waste materials to change their physical and/or chemical properties. Energy efficient With over 80 years of successful experience in serving the minerals and chemical processing industries, Metso has the proprietary technology and know-how to design and build coke calcining systems best suited to the specific requirements of each customer. Proven experience KVS’ coke calcining...

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Two 250,000 MPTY Rotary kiln coke calciners Heavy duty carrying station Rotary Kiln The KVS rotary kiln is a tried and proven technology successfully used in various pyro-processing industries around the world. Rugged construction and conservative design is the trademark of KVS’s rotary kilns. Operators find them easy to operate and maintenance is minimal. Calcining of petroleum coke is done in the rotary kiln. The kiln components consist of shell, tires, carrying stations, seals, refractory and a drive train which includes girth gear, pinion, speed reducer and variable speed motor. The...

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A typical pulverized fuel/gas burner Metso’s rotary cooler design utilizes both a direct water quench of the hot coke at the cooler entrance and counterflow movement of ambient air to cool the coke. The direct quench type is the most widely used method of cooling in the coke calcining industry. Metso’s air seals (marketed as Goodeal and Superdeal seals) with their overlapping steel plates provide an air seal that significantly reduces ambient air infiltration into the rotary kiln. By limiting air infiltration, fuel efficiency is improved and power consumption is reduced. The seals’ simple,...

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HortfrairDafTO*# Qirtrd —SCFM I) an Time Remaining 0 MTons / Hr q MTon* TotaUier El [|[||] BTU/TON - lUMiriON - COMTHOt AFT EfUTURNEJI - (c*jmoN - conthox ICA.W PH35E HNO FPHINIj WOSE HING FEED - FEEDPIPE guillotine hampers cooun - PfiQOUC T SPRAT Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) A Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) - the heart of the control system - provides monitoring and interlocking functions. The PLC constantly checks for any abnormal conditions. Based upon its intended sequence, the PLC will take appropriate corrective action to keep the process or sequence within proper...

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Technical specification Green coke feed Coke calcining systems

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101 Kiln feed bin 102 Weigh feeder 103 Feed hood 104 Rotary kiln 105* Tertiary air system 106 Firing hood 107 Firing system 108* Secondary air fan 109 Transfer chute 110* Cooler inlet w/water quench 111 Rotary cooler 112 Cooler discharge housing 113 Dust collector 114 Product conveyor 115 Cooler exhaust fan 116 Afterburner 117 Bypass and draft control guillotine dampers 118 Waste heat boiler 119 Induced draft fan 120 Natural draft stack 121 Baghouse dust collector 122* Dust bin 123* Control room 124* Mcc room *Denotes items not shown Coke calcining systems

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• Metso Minerals Industries Inc. 350 Railroad Street, Danville, PA 17821-2046, USA, Phone: +1 570 275 3050, Fax: +1 570 275 6789 • Metso Minerals Industries, Inc. 2715 Pleasent Valley Road, York, PA 17402, USA, Phone: +1 717 843 8671 • etso Minerals (South Africa) (Pty) Ltd. M Private Bag X2006, Isando, Johannesburg,1600, South Africa, Phone: +27 11 961 4000, Fax: +27 11 397 2050 • Metso Minerals (Australia) Ltd. Level 2, 1110 Hay Street, West Perth, WA 6005, Australia, Phone: +61 8 9420 5555, Fax: +61 8 9320 2500 • Metso Minerals (India) Pvt Ltd 1th floor, DLF Building No. 10, Tower A, DLF...

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