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Bucketwheel stacker reclaimers

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Bucketwheel stacker reclaimers Metso stacker reclaimers offer the most technologically-advanced list of standard features in the industry. System dependability, efficient operation, and long service life are the goals of every Metso-designed system. Custom design Metso stacker reclaimers are custom-built for each individual application, with the customer’s needs in mind. Boom structure Stiff boom structure limits drawdown and boom twist under digging loads. Finite element analysis State-of-the-art finite element analysis software allows our engineers to evaluate high stress areas prior to...

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One operator controls all system functions, oversees machine status, and performs troubleshooting, all from this sensibly arranged cab environment. Metso designs control systems for precise machine regulation Metso stacker reclaimer control systems are designed with the operator in mind, from the novice to the experienced controls technician. Human-Machine Interface (HMI) The HMI system links the operator and the Programmable Logic Control (PLC) control system via a user-friendly, on-screen interface. The HMI system gives the operator the ability to control virtually all machine functions...

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Straight-Through Boom Configuration provides rapid, efficient stacking and reclaiming of materials in an environment where boom length need not exceed 125 feet (38 meters). Ports, terminals, and power plants generally utilize this design when less expansive storage is required. Built for every storage need Two basic styles of stacker reclaimers utilizing three different configurations of trailing tripper structures typically meet most storage requirements for bulk ports, terminals, electric power stations, and other facilities where efficient stockpile management of raw materials is...

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Masted Boom Configuration is designed for use in applications where extended boom length over 125 feet (38 meters) is necessary. The added support reduces excessive boom flex inherent in long-reaching stacker reclaimers or where high digging forces cause unacceptable boom tip deflection. Tripper Configurations Straight-Through Tripper is utilized when material enters the storage yard from one end of the yard and leaves toward the other end. If facility operation is such that some or all of the material may bypass the storage yard, a splitter gate can be mounted at the tripper head chute....

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Expect results It is our promise to our customers and the essence of our strategy. It is the attitude we share globally; our business is to deliver results to our customers, to help them reach their goals. metso Metso Minerals Industries, Inc., 4000 Town Center Blvd., Ste. 400, Canonsburg, PA 15317, USA, tel +1 412 269 5000, fax +1 412 269 5161, www.metso.com

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