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Ease of maintenance, transport and installation SUJEITO À ALTERAÇÃO SEM AVISO PRÉVIO. CATALOGO Nº. 2849-02-13-ESBL/SOROCABA - PORTUGUESE ©2013 METSO Metso Belt Feeders

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Metso Belt Feeders For bulk materials handling, to withdraw fines or wet materials under hoppers, bins or stock piles, for feeding rate for screens, crushers, conveyors, etc., Metso has the standard belt feeders. They are designed for heavy duty applications, available on models BF (Standard Capacity) and BFH (High Capacity), which can be fixed or movables (on wheels). These belt feeders were developed for ease maintenance, transport and installation, according to strict safety standards, such as NRs (Brazilian regulations), OSHA and MSHA (United States regulations). Technical Data • Belt...

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Technical Specifications BF series BFH series Dimensions Belt Skirtboard Volumetric Installed Installed A B EE Lump size (max.) Capacity Capacity D width width capacity power power (internal) (internal) BF series: Capacities based on 1,6 t/m3 bulk density and 0,3m/s belt speed. BFH series: Capacities based on 2,6 t/mb bulk density and 0,3m/s Dimensions: A - Feeding flange internal length B - Skirtboard width C - Distance between pulleys center lines D - Height from the belt to the feeding flange E - Belt feeder height Customized /...

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Expect results It is our promise to our customers and the essence of our strategy. It is the attitude we share globally; our business is to deliver results to our customers, to help them reach their goals. metso Metso Minerals Industries, Inc., 4000 Town Center Blvd., Ste. 400, Canonsburg, PA 15317, USA, tel +1 412 269 5000, fax +1 412 269 5161, www.metso.

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