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Mining and Construction Air Classification Solutions Gravitational ■ With the use of air flow, gravity and sharp directional changes, the Gravitational Classifier series (or G series) performs accurate separations of material from 1,700+ microns down to 150 microns. Coarse particles are conveyed by gravity through a valve at the bottom of the unit, and fine material is conveyed by air to a fabric filter. This G series is effective without the use of water, supporting EPA water-usage regulations. Gravitational Inertial ■ The GI Classifier series utilizes secondary air flow, along with gravity and sharp directional change, to make adjustable, accurate separations of material from 400 microns to 75 microns. With no moving parts and extensive use of ceramics in wear areas, GI Classifiers require limited parts replacement and virtually no maintenance. This series is widely used to produce engineered sands and mineral fillers to current specifications. Centrifugal ■ The Centrifugal Classifier (C series) uses secondary air flow to separate particles ranging from 100 microns to 20 microns. This air flow, as well as the diameter of the coarse-particles opening, is adjustable - for a clear, accurate cut point. Secondary air flow is also crucial in the removal of near-size particles. The C series is designed to reduce maintenance costs, with ceramic-enforced wear parts and no moving parts. Cyclonic ■ The Cyclonic Ultrafine (CU) Classifier series provides separation for a smaller range - from 50 to 10 microns - but can have a top feed size of 500 microns. The unique inlet scroll design creates a smooth, uniform flow without currents perpendicular to the main direction of gas flow. Different than conventional cyclones, it allows for adjustment of the amount of particulate removed.

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Fluid Bed Cooler Fluid Bed Coolers work with a dust collector fan to cool granular feeds. The system draws material in from the top of the feed and spreads it with a distribution cone. Gravity then moves the material down through perforated trays, and air is drawn up through the material. This creates a fluidized bed, from which dust is drawn out with heat, and the cooled material is discharged. Portable Classifier Solutions G or GI series classifiers are mounted on skids or trailers with wheels to become fully transportable and enable quick setup and operation. These mobile systems use...

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