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Data/control signal cables with small outer diameters, halogen-free, fire-retardant LiHC11Y (1 x 2 to 6 x 2) AWG 24 UL - 11Y paired Technical data Net price including copper Highly flexible core structure, tightly twisted pairs. The cables have a shield under the outer jacket. Preferred application Transfer of data and currents; pulse connection cables in electronic systems and control and regulation systems. Special features Cores with UL certification, Style 11030 AWM-UL Standard 758 Jackets with UL certification, Style 21318 AWM-UL Standard 758 Cable flame Construction data Conductors of plain, fine-wire copper strands: 0 of the insulated core: Core insulation: Twisted structure: Pair labelling: Twisting and wrapping of all pairs: Weight kg / 100 m Total 0 approx. mm Braided full shielding: mPPE halogen-free and flame-retardant, colours as per IEC (see Page 7) Each of 2 cores twisted to a pair Via colour combinations of the cores To ensure a round cable structure, the pairs are twisted with cotton filler and the resulting cable bundle is then wrapped with transparent polyester foil. Under the PUR jacket is a full shielding of tinned copper wires; visual coverage > 85%. Net price including copper Outer jacket: Thermoplastic Polyether Polyurethane (TPE-U), black Wall thickness of at least 0.6 - 0.8 mm; increasing with the number of pairs Electrical and thermal properties at 20°C: Conductor resistance AWG 22/19: 53.6 Q/km AWG 24/19: 75.2 Q/km Insulation resistance of one core > 20 MQ x km Capacitance (core/core + shield) approx. 90 to 100 pF/m (measured at 1 kHz) Operating voltage max. 90 V Test voltage max. 900 V Current rating (approximate values at an ambient temp. of 25°C) AWG 22/19: 5 to 8 A depending on the cable routing AWG 24/19: 3 to 5 A depending on the cable routing Temperature range -25°C to + 80°C (installation and operation) Price for 1 m in EUR per 100 metres on collection upwards 100 m Ordering information Normal stock unit: 100-m ring. Short sample (20 cm) free of charge. No copper surcharge. Bending radius: Static: 10 x outer diameter Moving: 15 x outer diameter

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