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Technical data Highly flexible - twisted-pair - full shielding Preferred application Pulse and data transfer connection cables for electronic systems, control and regulation systems and as interconnection cables for paging and intercom systems. Special features The twisted-pair cores provide increased cross-talk attenuation. The full shielding prevents interference and external influences. Construction data Conductors of fine-wire plain copper strands, 256 x 0.05 mm = 0.50 mm2 Core insulation PVC, coloured, second colour as abrasion-resistant coloured rings. 0 of the copper strands in each core = 1.0 mm. Insulation wall thickness = 0.4 mm. 0 of the insulated core = 1.8 mm. 2 cores are tightly twisted to a pair, twist length of approx. 35 mm, i.e. approx. 28 twists per metre. Colour and twisting sequences on page 5. The collection of cores is wrapped with a layer of transparent polyester foil (15 x 0.019 mm). The full shielding lies on top of this foil; the braiding of the tinned copper wires provides a visual coverage of 86 to 90%. The shield is covered by a PVC jacket that is largely resistant to splashes of common machine oils. This jacket is light grey as per RAL 7032. Electrical and thermal properties at 20°C: Colour sequence on page 5 Conductor resistance approx. 40 Q/km Core insulation resistance > 20 M Q x km The core pairs are counted Capacitance at 1 kHz (core/core, shield earthed) 110 pF/m ± 20% sequentially through all layers, from Operating voltage (VDE 0812) max. 500 V-/ 375 V~ the outside layer to the inside layers Test voltage (core/core ± shield) 1 kVeff and all layers are counted Current rating (ambient temp. 25°C) max. 2.6 A in the same way Characteristic impedance (at a frequency above 100 kHz) 75 to 105 Q Inductance (measured at 800 Hz) core/core approx. 0.7 mH/km core/shield approx. 0.5 mH/km Capacitive coupling (measured at 800 Hz) approx. 200 pF/100 m Temperature range -10°C to ± 80°C (installation and operation) -30°C to ± 80°C (transport and storage) Net price including copper Normal stock unit: 100-m ring. Short sample (20 cm) free of charge. No copper surcharge. Mechanical properties: Once-only bending radius 8 X outer diameter Repeated bending radius 15 X outer diameter

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