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Net price including copper Weight kg / 100 m Total 0 approx. mm Technical data Standard version without protective conductor, without shield, jacket light grey RAL 7032 Preferred application Connection cables for electronic systems, control and regulation systems and measurement and signalling systems. Special feature Cores are easy to identify thanks to the colour coding, outstanding flexibility, low overall diameter. Construction data Tinned, fine-wire copper strand (18 x 0.10 mm) per core. Core insulation made of thermoplastic PVC plastic; Second colour: abrasion-resistant coloured rings Core 0 1.1 mm + 0.05 mm. The cores are produced in accordance with VDE regulation 0812. 2 to 50 cores are twisted to form cables. Colour sequence of the cores from inside starting clockwise with No. 1 (white). The final layer is formed by the outer jacket made of thermoplastic PVC plastic, jacket colour light grey as per RAL 7032; Wall thickness of 0.6 mm to 1.0 mm, increasing with the number of cores. The PVC mixtures used for the insulation are largely oil and petrol-resistant. Electrical and physical properties at 20°C The colours of the insulated Conductor resistance max. 135 Q/km cores and the sequence are Insulation resistance > 20 MQ x km listed on page 45 Capacitance at 1 kHz approx. 80 pF/m (core/core in same position or in the core). Depending on the cable construction, capacitance deviations of up to + 50% may result. Operating voltage max. 350 V; test voltage 2,000 V (core/core). Current rating max 1.5 A (ambient temp. 25°C). Temperature range -10°C to + 80°C (installation and operation) -30°C to + 80°C (transport and storage) Normal stock unit: 100-m ring. Short sample (20 cm) free of charge. No copper surcharge. We can also manufacture cables which deviate from our standard range. On-time . Fast . Reliable PO Box 41 01 09 Central store 12111 Berlin, Germany Berlin - Steglitz

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