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Net price including copper Special features Highly flexible core structure, tightly twisted pairs. Each pair is individually shielded and insulated from external earthing via the shield. The cables are protected from external influences by an additional outer jacket. Construction data Conductors of fine-wire plain copper strands, 40 x 0.05 mm = 0.08 mm2. Core insulation: PVC, coloured. One core in each pair has white insulation and the other core has brown insulation. Ø of the insulated core approx. 0.9 mm. Twisted structure: 2 cores (white and brown) are tightly twisted to a pair; twist length approx. 20 mm. Shield: each pair is shielded with braided plain copper wire (48 x 0.10 mm); visual coverage approx. 95%. Wrapping: an overlapping layer of transparent polyester foil is wrapped around the pair shield. Core pair insulation: PVC, orange; wall thickness approx. 0.4 mm. Total Ø of each shielded and jacketed pair is approx. 3 mm. Pair labelling: clearly legible black numbers on the orange pair sheath, starting with number 1. Twisting and wrapping of all pairs: the shielded and insulated pairs are twisted around a PVC core; the resulting cable bundle is then wrapped with a transparent polyester foil. Full shielding and jacket: under the PVC outer jacket, light grey as per RAL 7032, wall thickness of 0.7 to 1.2 mm, increasing with the number of pairs. Full shield of densely braided, tinned copper wire; visual coverage > 86%. Electrical and thermal properties at 20°C: Conductor resistance approx. 235 Ω/km Core insulation resistance > 20 M Ω x km Capacitance (core/core) approx. 80 pF/m (core/core + shield) approx. 160 pF/m (measured at 1 kHz) Operating voltage max. 100 V~ Text voltage: max. 800 V~ (VDE 0812) Current rating (ambient temp. 25°C) max. 500 mA Temperature range -10°C to + 80°C (installation and operation) -30°C to + 80°C (transport and storage) Impedance 70 Ω at 10 MHz 80 - 85 Ω at 200 MHz Highly flexible data transfer cables Pairs tightly twisted, each pair shielded and insulated, full shielding. Preferred application Interference-free transfer of data at low currents; pulse connection cables in electronic systems and control and regulation systems. Technical data Sample quantities under 100 metres Usually available ex-stock 2 pairs = 3 pairs = 4 pairs = 6 pairs = 8 pairs = 12 pairs = Ordering information 4 cores 6 cores 8 cores 12 cores 16 cores 24 cores Normal stock unit: 100-m ring. Short sample (20 cm) free of charge. You can contact us at any time during our business hours. Monday to Thursday from 7.30 a.m. to 4.00 p.m. and Friday from 7.30 a.m. to 2.00 p.m.

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