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Vibro Metra Human Vibratio Building Vibrati Why choose VibroMetra? • Designed for vibration measurement - No ballast by unwanted functionality. • VibroMetra is modular making it particularly economic with fewer channels. • Also supports IEPE compatible microphones, force and pressure transducers. • Off-line measurement: The system saves raw data in the background for later analysis. • The necessary hardware is very compact making it particularly suited for mobile use. • Simple plug & play installation. • Short training time. After a few minutes you may start with the first measurement. • Data export in common graphics, text and binary formats. • Updates are free of charge. You will always have access to the latest software versions. Measuring of initial unbalance — Slow down — Required 100 revolutions were read Stop rotation Speed: 6001/min Vibration signal Vibration signal Human Vibration Meter VM31 Building Vibration Inputs 2 IEPE, 1 digital trigger 2 IEPE, 1 digital trigger, 2 DC Bandwidth 0.3 to 2000 Hz 0.1 to 40,000 Hz Available Software Instruments: Balancing System VM-BAL Real-time signal display VM-SCOPE Vibration Analyzer VM-FFT Balancing of long and disk-shaped rotors in one or two planes Automatic operation by rotary speed detection User guidance by clear text instructions Display of measuring results as polar graphic and numbers Up to six correction methods (correction mass, drilling, milling, rotary rings, set screws, list of predefined correction masses) Report function Extremely compact - VM-BAL Kit fits into a small carrying case Displays and records short vibration events, e.g. for drop testing Memory for 10 second post and 1 second pre trigger Two measuring cursors Vibration acceleration (VM-SCOPE+ also for velocity and displacement) Up to four signals in one window without delay Long-term recording and display for slow changing vibration events All measuring functions of vM-MeTER Zoom and scroll functions Vibration acceleration (VM-PLOT+ also for velocity and displacement) Up to four signals in one window without delay Five window functions, high frequency resolution RMS and peak spectrum Bearing analysis functions with bearing library in VM-FFT+ Power density spectrum in VM-FFT+ User-defined curves for alarms at critical magnitudes, e.g. for quality testing Vibration acceleration (VM-FFT+ also velocity and displacement) Up to four signals in one window without delay Two measuring cursors View of several FFTs over time (3D) in addition to the functions of VM-FFT Useful tool for run-up / coast-down analysis VM-FFT 3D+ also performs envelope, roller bearing and acoustic analysis More information Rotor list | Signal Measuring Balance method Size: 120 mm x 65 mm x 25 mm Power supply: 3 AAA cells or USB Available in the following kits: VM31-WB (Whole-Body Kit) VM31-HA (Hand-Arm Kit) VM31-HAWB (H/A and W/B Kit) VM31-M (Machine Vibration Kit) VM31-S (Ship Vibration Kit) Machine Monitoring Vibration Meters Triaxial Building Vibration Monitor includes piezoelectric sensor, electronics for signal conditioning, monitoring, recording and battery Supported standards Measuring ranges PC based measuring system using the IEPE / USB interface M302 and IEPE copmpatible sensors Monitoring and recording of vibration events and raw signal Supported standards USB for transfer of stored data with optional 2G/3G modem VM40-MODEM VM-STRUC IvM-STRUC+I VM-PERS VM-PERS+ esponseSensors Signal Conditioners vibration Monitors ne test Meters onitoringCalibrators Vibration Monitors VMID Measuring Points provide reliable magnetic coupling, identify the measuring point and set the instrument automatically M12 provides common analog signals: AC, DC, RMS, peak, 4-20 mA, relay M14 is fully digital with USB and RS-485 for setup and measurement; 4-20 mA and relay 3ZG* 7.071 m/s* I Acc | TRMS TG?i5~RTiT>9 « Display on*. 1^,1 Clone |Ts Signal input (T Accelerometers Frequeny analysis Temperature (infrared) Human Vibration PC Based Human Vibration Measurement Vibro Metra Rotary speed (optical) Memory, interface Vibration Switches • Digital Vibration Sensor Plug-In Filter Modules for M12, M33 and M208 Frequency ranges Measuring ranges acceleration: 0.1 - 1000 m/s2; velocity: frequency dependent Tracking Analyzer VM-TRACK Data Recorder VM-REC Vibration Meter VM-METER Magnitude and phase displayed as function of the rotary frequency Quick detection of resonances Vibration acceleration (VM-TRACK+ also velocity and displacement) Real-time recording in binary or text format with adjustable trigger All measuring functions of VM-METER with value display Bar graph and numeric display Pre and post triggering Vibration acceleration (VM-REC+ also velocity and displacement) RMS, positive, negative and unsigned peak values, instantaneous value Vibration acceleration, velocity and displacement VM-METER+ also for phase distortion, main frequency and RPM Download the free VibroMetra trial software from Vibr. acceleration Vibration velocity Vibr. displacement High pass filters Low pass filters Monitoring modes FB3 plug-in modules; 2 to 1000 Hz FB2 plug-in modules; 0.1 to 50 kHz true RMS or true peak-peak true RMS, peak - peak true RMS, peak, crest, K(t) Analog and digital interfaces DC (RMS and pk-pk); AC wideband; AC filtered; DC 4-20 mA true RMS or true peak FFT (500 lines,10 limits) Relay output Sensor input Level indication Power supply Hand-Arm Vibration Meter VM-HAND Hardware Triaxial IEPE (KS943B.10) with 2 M302 USB devices Weighting filter Interval RMS of three axes Total vibration value Ahv Daily vibration exposure A(8) with different activities Up to 10 000 measurements, Text or CSV (Excel) export Other features User guidance, report function Whole-Body Vibration Meter VM-BODY Triaxial IEPE (KB103SVD) with 2 M302 USB devices Weighting filters RMS, max. RMS (MTVV) and crest factor of three axes Total vibration value Ahv The plug-in filter modules FB2 (low pass) and FB3 (high pass) are available with the following 3 dB cut-off frequencies: FB2: 0,1 / 0,3 / 0,5 / 1,0 / 3,0 / 5,0 / 10 / 30 / 50 kHz Butterworth, 2nd order high pass FBV/FBD: Single / double integrator modules (M33 / M208) Other features Up to 10 000 measurements, Text or CSV (Excel) export User guidance, report function Power supply Screw terminals for relay and supply, Micro USB socket inside 8-pin socket for USB/relay Manfred Weber Metra MeB- und Frequenztechnik in Radebeul e.K. MeiBner Str. 58 DE-01445 Radebeul Manfred Weber

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