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Human Vibratio Why choose VibroMetra? • Designed for vibration measurement - No ballast by unwanted functionality. • VibroMetra is modular making it particularly economic with fewer channels. • Also supports IEPE compatible microphones, force and pressure transducers. • Off-line measurement: The system saves raw data in the background for later analysis. • The necessary hardware is very compact making it particularly suited for mobile use. • Simple plug & play installation. • Short training time. After a few minutes you may start with the first measurement. • Data export in common graphics, text and binary formats. • Updates are free of charge. You will always have access to the latest software versions. Human Vibration PC Based Human Vibration Measurement Hand-Arm Vibration Meter VM-HAND Rotor list | Signal Measuring | Rotor | Calibration! Offsets] Com Balance method J,| T wo-plane balancing ^ | Size: 120 mm x 65 mm x 25 mm Power supply: 3 AAA cells or USB Available in the following kits: VM31-WB (Whole-Body Kit) VM31-HA (Hand-Arm Kit) VM31-HAWB (H/A and W/B Kit) VM31-M (Machine Vibration Kit) VM31-S (Ship Vibration Kit) Machine Monitoring Vibration Meters VMID Measuring Points provide reliable magnetic coupling, identify the measuring point and set the instrument automatically true RMS, peak - peak Vibration Switches • Digital Vibration Sensor Memory, interface 16,000 values/USB The plug-in filter modules FB2 (low pass) and FB3 (high pass) are available with the following 3 dB cut-off frequencies: FB2: 0,1 / 0,3 / 0,5 / 1,0 / 3,0 / 5,0 / 10 / 30 / 50 kHz Butterworth, 2nd order high pass FBV/FBD: Single /double integrator modules (M33/ M208) Plug-In Filter Modules for M12, M33 and M208 Manfred Weber

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Vibration Sensors with IEPE or Charge Output General Purpose Shear Accelerometers (1) Rack case with mains supply and USB interface for 8 units M72R1 (M72R8) or 8 units M72S1 (M72S8) available. (2) IEPE100 has 3

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