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Metal Work Mechatronics ^mETAl WUUORK PNEUMATIC

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Metal Work. A leader in pneumatic automation for 50 years Metal Work has its roots in traditional mechanical engineering and has grown over time following natural technological development. Today, the Metal Work Group comprises R&D and production units that are equipped with fully-fledged automated systems. Metal Work Mechatronics is the result of a half-century of experience in the design and manufacture of top quality innovative components, the synthesis of latestgeneration technologies and services applied to industrial automation. The team of the Metal Work Mechatronics consists of...

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Metal Work Mechatronics: know-how and synergy at your service Metal Work Mechatronics encompasses the expertise and solutions developed by the companies belonging to Metal Work Group. Alfameccanica The flagship of the Metal Work Group, Alfameccanica produces component parts for the handling industry, and over the years it has developed its own range of products, including grippers, actuators and guide units for cylinders - all featuring premium quality, top performance and accurate design. The product range has recently been complemented and extended by V-Lock products, the brainchild of...

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SPMC PService and Metal Work SPMC is the company in the Group that designs and develops assembly machines that are used by Metal Work to make its own components. The Group's expertise and the entire range of products are accessible to customers and are continuously tested and assessed directly in the field. Skilled engineers carry out in-process analyses on a regular basis to improve the quality and performance of each component of the machines that are designed and developed in house. The technical expertise and customer service at Metal Work goes well beyond the production units. The...

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Elektro cylinders Elektro ISO 15552 cylinders are characterised by a connection interface complying with the relevant standard. The piston rod extension is controlled by a system with a hardened screw and recirculating ball screw nut. The piston has a guide strip calibrated to reduce to a minimum the play and vibration during rotation of the ball screw. This cylinder can be equipped with a built-in nonrotating system. The piston comes with magnets and the barrel has longitudinal slots for housing sensors. The piston rod has an increased outside diameter and thickness to make it extra rigid...

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Products / Electric axesShak The Shak belt-driven electric axis features excellent manufacture and a sturdy anodised aluminium extruded profile that ensure optimal rigidity. The slide is moved by means of adjustable castors running along hardened and tempered guides. The slide is driven by a reinforced belt that is connected to the motor. The Shak axis can mount either BRUSHLESS or STEPPER motors. The versions with a BRUSHLESS motor can be equipped with a speed gear unit, when you want to make of the most of the available torque. Nozzles are also mounted on the moving plate for easy...

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Shak Gantry The Shak Gantry system is designed to form a portal made up of two parallel axes (drive X-axis and driven X-axis) surmounted by a transversal axis (Y-axis). Both axes are connected one to the other by means of an anodized aluminium shaft and two flexible couplings that compensate for any minor misalignments. The shape of both the couplings and the drive shaft is designed to facilitate disassembly. The carriages of the drive axis and the driven axis (both with a V-Lock interface featuring a typical shape and grooves) move synchronously thanks to the drive shaft. On the extruded...

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Svak axis The SVAK can be used as the Z-axis on the Cartesian portal. This belt-driven rodless electric actuator is characterised by the fact that the motor and reducer unit is integral with the carriage, instead of being fitted to one end of the extruded section on which the carriage slides. This solution is known as "cantilever". In the typical application, the carriage is fixed while the extruded section moves. The SVAK can be used either horizontally or vertically, but the most common use is in vertical applications, which explains why the motor is supplied complete with a brake that...

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The SK is an electric axis without screw-driven piston rod, with V-Lock interface. The cylinder frame is made of extruded solid aluminium, which gives the cylinder optimal torsion and flexural rigidity. The carriage features an interchangeable fixing interface plate, which is available with V-Lock axial or V-Lock orthogonal ports or in the blank type for custom solutions. The carriage is driven by two sturdy pre-loaded ball recirculation bearings that ensure great accuracy of movement, which is generated by a system consisting of a hardened and tempered screw and a ball recirculation lead...

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products / control devices eMotion eMotion is an electronic programmable device designed to control electric pulse train motors, for either brushless or stepper motors. This is the ideal solution for customers who are not familiar with programming or for applications where PLC control is not available. Using an easy, intuitive user interface and a simple yet comprehensive programming language, with eMotion you can fully control any electric axes, regardless of whether Metal Work motors or other makes are used. eMotion hardware and software have been entirely developed by Metal Work, which...

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ns- /.kk; WUJORK DtaM mi Dwrtal Outputs Position Encoder Omm/i OOOmm Program Loaded: Shrft (mm) T. Acc(s) T Dec (s) Speed (mm/s) Smooth TEST CYCLE

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products / Actuators In a typical automated mechanical engineering application, our cylinders and electric axes are a perfect complement to our range of grippers, in-line axes and pneumatic rotary actuators. Metal Work offers a full range of slides, guided in-line actuators, two- or multiple position rotary actuators, twoor three-jaw parallel or angle grippers. In-line actuators Among in-line actuators, worthy of mentioning are our compact cylinders on bronze guide, ball recirculation bushes or sleeves, which are available in the version with or without cushioning; the guide units for ISO...

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