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INTEGRATED HYDRAULIC BRAKE INTEGRATED HYDRAULIC BRAKE The integrated hydraulic brake is comprised of a pneumatic cylinder that acts as an actuator and an oleo-dynamic circuit that acts as a brake. The dimensions of the pneumatic cylinder comply with ISO 15552. The hydraulic circuit is comprised of a brake fluid tank and one or two flow regulation pins. It can mount one or more (slow-fast) SKIP or STOP valves that are normally open (NO) or normally closed (NC), for the piston rod extension and retraction. The basic feature of this device is that the driving force and the braking force are coaxial, so they do not generate undesired bending moments on the piston rod and the external structures connected to it. Due to its conception, this brake is particularly compact and has reduced dimensions compared to BRK external hydraulic brakes. After a certain operating time, the brake fluid tank must be topped up with oil. This needs doing when the oil level reaches the minimum mark on the rod. With the piston rod right out, the minimum level mark must not project less than 8-10 mm from the cap. Always use DEXRON ATF hydraulic oil or another compatible product. During the first operating cycles, excess oil is expelled through a hole in the tank. Regulation can be controlled remotely, as shown on page A4.26 TECHNICAL DATA Operating pressure NC valve actuation pressure Operating temperature range Pneumatic circuit fluid Hydraulic circuit fluid Thrust force generated at 6 bar Pull force generated at 6 bar Maximum load which can be applied from outside while the rod is lock • Version without valves and with closed pins: Thrust Load on the rod Traction Load on the rod • Version with STOP NC valves not operated: Thrust Load on the rod Traction Load on the rod • Version with STOP NO valves operated at 6 bar: Thrust Load on the rod Traction Load on the rod • Version with STOP NO valves operated at 8 bar: Thrust Load on the rod Traction Load on the rod Speeds at 6 bar and 20°C Standard strokes Valve combinations Sensor magnet 2 to 8 0.2 to 0.8 29 to 116 3 to 8 0.3 to 0.8 43.5 to 116 -10 to +70 14 to 156 Lubricated or unlubricated filtered air. DEXRON ATF - the list of compatible oils is available on the web site 1109 1801 2946 4521 883 1292 2437 3756 6000 7000 5000 6000 See charts on the following pages 50, 100, 150, 200, 250, 300, 350, 400, 450, 500. Other special strokes up to 500 available on request. Piston-out, piston-in and dual regulation. Remote regulation. The following combinations of valves can be mounted on each regulated section: STOP NO, STOP NC, SKIP NO, SKIP NC, DOUBLE STOP NO, DOUBLE STOP NC, DOUBLE SKIP NO, DOUBLE SKIP NC, STOP NO+STOP NC, SKIP NO+SKIP NC, STOP NO+SKIP NO, STOP NC+SKIP NC, STOP NO+SKIP NC, STOP NC+SKIP NO All versions are provided with a magnet

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