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Safety through experience Temperature control appliances for the medical industry Clinics – Doctors‘ practices – Pharmacies 100% ATMOSAFE. MADE IN GERMANY. | www.atmosafe.

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Quality creates trust It is our passion for details that makes our heating ovens, incubators and waterbaths so precise and durable. The fact that all of our products are developed and manufactured exclusively in-house has made us tech nology leaders in temperature control appliances. It is our hard-lined commitment to quality that has made us a reliable partner in the medical sector and medical research industry ever since we started out in 1947. We know that end-to-end quality assurance is crucial when it comes to health. Memmert has been DIN EN ISO 13485 certified for many years and...

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MEMMERT PRODUCTS FOR CLINICS, DOCTORS' PRACTISES AND PHARMACIES 3 Universal oven Heating, drying, heated storage Blanket warmer Warming, keeping warm Steriliser Sterilising, depyrogenising Waterbath Tempering Incubator Incubating, warming and tempering Paraffin oven Warming in nearly gastight interior Compressor cooled incubator Incubating, warming and tempering Peltier cooled incubator Warming, cooling, tempering Temperature above room temperature Temperature below room temperature k_

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UNIVERSAL OVEN U/Um 32 to 1060 litres +30 °C to +300 °C Natural convection or forced air circulation The success story of Memmert began in the year 1947, with the development of a hot air steriliser for the Red Cross. Today, Memmert heating ovens are indispensable in medical laboratories, operation rooms and anaesthesiology departments in clinics. They make a lasting impression with their a esthetics and user-friendly design coupled with unrivalled precision and reliability: corrosion- resistant, easy-to-clean stainless steel in the interior and outside, large-area all-round heating from...

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BLANKET WARMER IFbw PARAFFIN OVEN UNpa 110 to 750 litres +20 °C to +80 °C Forced air circulation Especially in emergency trauma rooms, temperature control systems are vital when attend ing to seriously injured patients. In a blanket warmer IFbw, blankets and cloths preheated to any precise temperature between 40 and 60 °C to keep patients warm before and after their surgery are always close at hand. This practice minimises the risk of complications such as wound infections, cardiovascular disorders, cardiac arrhythmia or vascular disorders. The blanket warmer IFbw has an impressive range of...

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I N - V I TRO FERT ILIS AT ION A ND BIOS YNT H E S IS CO2 INCUBATOR ICOmed 56 | 107 | 156 | 241 litres +18 °C to +50 °C Humidity 40 - 97 % rh (as option) CO2: 0 - 20 % 02: 1 - 20 % (as option) Safety at all times. The operating display, logging and CO2 control of the CO2 incubator ICOmed stay functional when there is a power failure thanks to the battery-buffered ControlCOCKPIT. The fine-tuned control guarantees that the set-point temperature is reached without temperature overshoots. Rounded corners allow for easy cleaning of the interior, which can also be sterilised together with all...

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Application: Chronobiology provides an insight into the body Tests on gene expression aim to explore the mechanism of the body clock at a biomolecular level. This is done using two Memmert CO2 incubators at the Institute of Pharmacology and Toxicology of the University of Zurich. To visualise the processes in-vitro, researchers use a trick. They use bio luminescence, the ability of insects and other creatures to produce light. The luciferase gene, which is responsible for light production, is transfected under the control of a “clock gene” into the cell which is investigated. This...

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W ARM I NG OF INFUS ION S OLUT IONS INCUBATOR I/Im 32 to 749 litres +30 °C to +80 °C Natural convection or forced air circulation The heating and temperature control in Incubator I/Im were specifically designed for low temperatures from +30 °C to +80 °C. You can be certain that your chamber load will be heated most gently and without any temperature over hoots. During the heating process, the s temperature is increased within a very narrow control range and kept exactly at the set value. A pre-heating chamber heats up the supplied air, so that no temperature deviations can occur in...

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PELTIER-COOLED INCUBATOR IPP 32 to 1060 litres, 0 °C to +70 °C Excellent controllability, extremely small control fluctuations, low-vibration operation and impressive energy savings provide the added value from the Peltier technology in the Memmert cooled incubators of the IPP series. In medical laboratories tests and processes must be repeatable and documentable under precisely defined conditions. The Memmert IPP Peltier-cooled incubators operate at high precision, without vibration and in addition provide unparalleled energy efficiency, as, in contrast to compressor technology, energy is...

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We know how: SetpointWAIT function / Process validation The Memmert hot-air steriliser is applied as m edical device for the sterilisation of medical m aterial with dry heated air at atmospheric pressure. Strict hygienic conditions prevail in l aboratories, medical and veterinarian practices, clinics and hospitals as well as in pharmacies. Therefore, disinfection of receptacles and instruments is not enough. Only sterilisation provides sufficient protection. The setpoint-dependent programme resume function SetpointWAIT guarantees precise sterilisation times and the complete killing off of...

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WATERBATH WNB/WNE/WPE Application W: Extracting lanolin in a waterbath Already in the 1st century A.D., the Greek physician Pedanios Dioskurides described a procedure to btain lanolin by boiling sheep‘s wool in his o famous encyclopaedia “De materia medica”. The procedure had fallen into long oblivion, but by the end of the 19th century lanolin had a comeback in pharmacology as a base for balms. Lanolin is absorbed well by the skin, has a moisturising effect and accelerates wound healing. The pharmacy in the district hospital of Roth also manufactures balms based on lanolin following their...

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