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Worldwide Leader in Technology Since its founding days in 1947 strong relations with customers around the globe has been one of the reasons for the success story of the Memmert brand and for becoming one of the leading suppliers of temperature control appliances for the lab. Memmert's most important objective in research and development has been controlled atmosphere, which means all parameters are controlled with the utmost precision. Inseparably linked to this are reliability, optimum temperature homogeneity and stability, user friendliness and an outstanding price/performance ratio. This...

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Memmert Applications The best Memmert appliance for each application There is a huge number of application possibilities. Memmert appliances are widely used for analysis, testing, examination and research in the 4 core branches industry, medicine, pharma and food. Heating and Drying Ovens TYPICAL APPLICATIONS Drying, burning-in, ageing, vulcanising, degassing, curing, burn-in testing, conditioning, heated storage Incubators TYPICAL APPLICATIONS Microbiological tests, colony counts, virology, toxicology Climate Chambers TYPICAL APPLICATIONS Conditioning and climate testing of plastic...

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Memmert Product Range Heating and Drying Ovens Drying, heating, ageing, testing, sterilising, burning-in, curing, storing. In 1947 the first ever Memmert oven, a hot air steriliser, was built for the Red Cross. Ever since then, the Memmert range of heating and drying ovens has grown into a versatile line-up of extremely precise and reliable high quality temperature control appliances. Designed to make the lab staff's day-to-day work easier and more efficient, Memmert heating and drying ovens offer the utmost level of user friendliness. From material testing labs to electronic production,...

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Pass-through Ovens UF TS o 4 model sizes: 161, 256, 449 and 749 litres o TwinDISPLAY o Temperature range up to +250 °C o All-round heating on all 4 sides for excellent temperature homogeneity o For 2-sided loading (door front and back) o Forced air circulation ■> Further details: Vacuum Ovens VO o 3 model sizes: 29, 49 and 101 litres o TwinDISPLAY o Temperature range up to +200 °C o Pressure range: 5 to 1100 mbar o Digital electronic pressure control o Thermoshelves can be controlled separately (Multi-Level-Heating) o Multifunctional fuzzy-supported control...

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Memmert Product Range Microbiological testing, incubating, cultivating, in-vitro fertilising. Microbial and especially cell cultures are extremely sensitive to fluctuations in their surrounding microclimate. The slightest swing of environmental parameters can jeopardise the results of an experiment. Therefore each Memmert incubator was designed for long-term stability of temperature, humidity and carbon dioxide. Like a well-tuned engine the control systems in a Memmert incubator are perfectly balanced between swift and smooth operation. Each incubator precisely keeps the desired parameters...

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1 Heating Cooling Humidity CO2 and O2 Light Vacuum Cooled Storage Incubators IPS o 2 model sizes: 256 and 749 litres o SingleDISPLAY o Temperature range +14 °C up to +45 °C o Heating and cooling based on unique Peltier technology o Reduced power consumption - no compressor o Hardly any vibration and noise o Double doors (inside glass, outside stainless steel) Compressor-cooled Incubators ICP / ICPeco o 4 model sizes: 108, 256, 449 and 749 litres o TwinDISPLAY o Temperature range -12 °C up to +60 °C ° Air jacketed temperature control system o Double doors (inside glass, outside stainless...

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Memmert Product Range Climate Chambers Storing, climate testing, conditioning, stability testing, photostability testing. 100% AtmoSAFE has long been Memmert's credo when it comes to developing appliances which are unparalleled in terms of precision and reliability. So of course, each Memmert climate chamber delivers a crucial point in stability and climate tests, conditioning or ageing: homogenous as well as stable temperature and humidity distribution over the entire chamber. All Memmert climate chambers offer digitally controlled active humidification and dehumidification, thus providing...

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Heating Cooling # Vacuum 9 Climate Chambers ICH / ICHeco o 3 model sizes: 108, 256 and 749 litres o TwinDISPLAY o Temperature range +10 °C up to +60 °C with humidity, -10 °C up to +60 °C without humidity o Digitally controlled active humidification and dehumidification 10 to 80 % rh o Double doors (inside glass, outside stainless steel) o Models ICH L with illumination unit o Models ICH C with CO2 control o ICHeco: with natural and climate-friendly refrigerant CO2 (R744), improved cooling capacity, nearly maintenance free •» Further details: Environmental...

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Memmert Product Range Waterbaths and Oilbaths Memmert's evergreens: uniquely precise and reliable. Ever since Memmert started its waterbath production in the 1960's, the continuous development of modern control technology as well as various safety features have made waterbaths and oilbaths pillars of the Memmert product range. Due to their unparalleled precision, they are perfectly suited for demanding applications in quality management and science. Working with below ambient temperatures is easy with the space-saving Peltier cooling unit CDP115. It fits on all Memmert waterbath sizes, is...

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1 Heating Cooling Humidity CO2 and O2 Light Vacuum Customisation department Memmert myAtmoSAFE meets any specific customer demand. The customisation department adapts standard appliances to special needs. Their solutions are economic as well as technologically advanced and customers profit from the full guarantee period. Some customer-specific development projects, like the cooled vacuum oven VOcool or the climate chamber for keeping mice HPPlife even made their way into the standard product range. If users want to make sure they chose the right appliance offering the right suit of...

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