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MTR photovoltaic brochure

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couv photovoltaique GB_MTR 13/09/11 10:24 Page2 Earthing connections Insulation products Cable ties

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couv photovoltaique GB_MTR 13/09/11 10:24 Page3 For compliant and long term installations Photovoltaic systems must be assembled in compliance with the requirements of the UTE C 15-712 guide. Products for connecting power, control and earthing systems shall be chosen to facilitate the long term operation of the complete installation. Our documentation will help you to make the right choices.

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MTR doc photovoltaique GB_Mise en page 1 13/09/11 10:22 Page3

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MTR doc photovoltaique GB_Mise en page 1 13/09/11 10:22 Page4 Connectors for wiring photovoltaic panels Cable coupler for connectors Connectors for "tile panel" modules What UTE C 15-712 says about equipotentiality UTE C 15-712 guide deals with photovoltaic installations coupled to the network and is based on the NF C 15-100 standard for subscribers and NF C 14-100 for network branching. Consequently, the metallic structures of production materials and supporting structures shall be connected to the same earth connection. The structures being generally in aluminium, it is proper to take off...

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MTR doc photovoltaique GB_Mise en page 1 13/09/11 10:22 Page5 Connectors for equipotential bonding Tubular lugs Preinsulated terminals Tubular lugs "C" type connectors, lugs and mechanical connectors, ... 5

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MTR doc photovoltaique GB_Mise en page 1 13/09/11 10:22 Page6 SOLINQ® connectors for wiring photovoltaic panels Connecting device for photovoltaic plug-in system solution with the use of a tool. The products are compliant with TÜV standards. This connecting system is resistant to UV, Ozone and is IP67 making it compatible with the market standards. General features: - Contact material: silvered copper - Box material: Polycarbonate / Polyamide - Contact diameter: 4 mm - Acceptable wire sizes: 4 to 6 mm² - Cable insulation diameter: 5 to 8 mm - Contact type: to be crimped Female connector +...

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MTR doc photovoltaique GB_Mise en page 1 13/09/11 10:22 Page7 SOLINQ® implementation example: Item code Connection with IP67 coupler Part number Set containing: 1 male contact - 1 male connector 1 female contact - 1 female connector Male set: 1 contact + 1 connector Female set: 1 contact + 1 connector Male-male / female coupler Female-female / male coupler

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MTR doc photovoltaique GB_Mise en page 1 13/09/11 10:22 Page8 connectors for equipotential bonding A secure equipotential bonding performs the equipotential bond by creating a high-quality electrical contact between the panel chassis and the earth conductor. The module frames are made from aluminium which is either anodized or surface treated in some other way. These surface coatings protect the frame against corrosion but are not conductive. Thanks to the range, electrical contact with the aluminium of the panel is provided either by: - drilling/tapping, for models with screws secured by...

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MTR doc photovoltaique GB_Mise en page 1 13/09/11 10:22 Page9 with self-drilling screw example: can be fixed quickly by drilling and tapping the chassis, using a screwdriver equipped with a PZ2 cross-threaded bit. Thanks to its specific design, this operation is performed without removing the screw that tightens the cable. The earth conductor is fixed using the tightening screw with a recess for a flat screwdriver. After stripping a length of 30 mm, the earth conductor is installed. Tightening with EVBSFP specific bit This installation method allows a panel to be removed without breaking...

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MTR doc photovoltaique GB_Mise en page 1 13/09/11 10:22 Page10 connectors for "tile panel" modules Utilisation of the already existing Ø 3.5 mm earthing holes. Screwdriver no. 2 or electric screwdriver with PZ2 bit. Tighten the coupler to a maximum of 3 N/m. The flat face on the body prevents rotation during application. Installed SOLFIL® Profile of the tile panel frame Tightening screw in stainless steel Flat surface on stainless steel body Panel cells Stainless steel self-tapping screw Ø 4.2 mm During tightening the SOLFIL® body prole prevents unwanted rotation. Item code Part number...

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MTR doc photovoltaique GB_Mise en page 1 13/09/11 10:22 Page11 Preinsulated ring terminals Tin-plated copper. Barrel with funnel entry. Grooves inside the barrel for a better electric contact and a better pullout resistance. Polyamide insulation. Max. operating temperature: 105°C. Easy entry. Flammability rating: UL 94V0. Halogen free. Packing 100 pieces/box Item Part code number Bulk packing Item code Part number Preinsulated disconnects Tin-plated brass. Barrel with funnel entry. Grooves inside the barrel provide a better pullout resistance. PVC insulating sleeve. Easy entry. Copper...

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MTR doc photovoltaique GB_Mise en page 1 13/09/11 10:22 Page12 Copper tubular lugs Electrolytic tin-plating process. Other plating on request. Bell entry starting from 10 mm². Straight entry on request, remove “T” from part number. Item code Part number Other tubular lugs: see the general catalogue Tooling: see page 20 12

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MTR doc photovoltaique GB_Mise en page 1 13/09/11 10:22 Page13 ”C” type connectors for copper earth conductors Compression tap-off ”C” type connectors made from electrolytic copper enable branching-off without cutting the main cable. Tin-plated copper Copper Part PackItem Part Packnumber ing Item code number ing code C6E Other C type connectors: see the general catalogue Bimetal (aluminium-copper) washers Aluminium-copper washers limiting the galvanic couple between copper pieces and aluminium support. Other dimensions: see the general catalogue. Packing 100 pieces/bag Item code Part number

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MTR doc photovoltaique GB_Mise en page 1 13/09/11 10:22 Page14 Mechanical connectors The mechanical connectors are manufactured from solid brass and are fitted with 60 kg zinc plated steel U-bolts or fitted with bronze U-bolts (in that case please suffix the PN with the letter "B"). Branch tongue lugs Item code Part number * Other holes on request. Clamp connectors Part number Item code

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