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Oil & Gas Gear - 2

ForceFlex™ Multi-Purpose Our ForceFlex™ series was created with extensive consumer research and field testing on four continents by Exxon Mobile and Halliburton. We offer an assortment of multitask, cut, and impact resistant protection. Common features of all ForceFlex™ series is our back of hand TPR (ThermoPlastic Rubber) exoskeleton, Clarino® synthetic leather palm with breathable fourchettes, mesh fabric back and extra tacky fingertips. Targeted industries include oil field maintenance, rigging, pipe fitting, heavy construction, demolition, manufacturing, mining, and fabrication....

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Oil & Gas Gear - 3

Our back of hand protection options include an assortment from traditional cotton canvas to premium synthetic materials including our ForceFlex™ series. Our 945 multitask features a synthetic carbon leather material which provides extreme abrasion protection. Back of Hand Protection 2 0 0 U9 OD CT NEW PR OF THE Y200 ForceFlex™ Sizes: M-XXL ZB100 ForceFlex™ Zoombang® Sizes: M-XXL Zoombang® Technology in the Palm for Impact Protection. Clarino® Synthetic Leather Palm with a Rough Grip Pad to Enhance Grip in Dry Applications. Breathable Mesh Fabric Back, Micro Terry Cloth Perspiration Band and...

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Oil & Gas Gear - 4

HPT (Hydropellent Technology) Hydropellent Technology™, our proprietary HPT™ coating process, creates encapsulated air molecules which repel liquids for a firm wet or dry grip. Additionally, HPT™ provides a cushioning effect which minimizes impact. All styles are treated with Actifresh to kill bacteria and promote freshness. General purpose, thermal, cut protection, and high visibility options provide an assortment of oil field applications. ison Compar Excellent Grip ood ery G Good V 9389PV KS-4™ KEVLAR®-Steel Sizes: S-XXL 10-Gauge KEVLAR®/Stainless Steel/Nylon Shell with Black Proprietary...

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Oil & Gas Gear - 5

Ninja® BNF (Breathable Nitrile Foam) Memphis Ninja® gloves are engineered to provide the highest level of innovation. Ninja® BNF is designed for better grip and greater abrasion. This unique coating achieves outstanding abrasion resistance based on ASTM and CE Testing. Our BNF technology provides greater comfort and longer wear due to its excellent breathability by allowing the glove to better dissipate body heat. Better Grip Watch This Demo N96790 Ninja® BNF Sizes: XS-XXL N96797 Ninja® BNF Sizes: XS-XXL 15-Gauge Nylon/Spandex Shell with Black BNF (Breathable Nitrile Foam) Technology...

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Oil & Gas Gear - 6

PVC High visibility PVC styles in traditional gauntlet, thermal, and cut protection offerings with assorted grips afford the latest technology for the oil and gas field requirements. Ninja® Coral features a soft porous coating which is excellent for oil field grip, dexterity, and flexibility. Sizes: M-XXL 15-Gauge Hi-Vis Orange Nylon Exterior Shell over a 7-Gauge Acrylic Terry Interior Shell with Black Coral Over-the-Knuckle Coating Over Premium Clear PVC Full Dip. CE 3231. N6464 Ninja® Coral Sizes: M-XXL 10-Gauge Salt-n-Pepper Dyneema®/ Synthetic Shell with Premium Yellow PVC, 14” Gauntlet...

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Oil & Gas Gear - 7

PVC Premium quality materials assure extended wear and performance for our PVC gloves. Our premium PVC series’ include KEVLAR® lined options for additional cut protection and are available in several sizes. Size: L Premium Double Dipped Green PVC on Hi-Vis Orange PVC, Sandy Finish, Safety Cuff, Jersey Liner. CE 4121. Size: L Hi-Vis Orange over Hi-Vis Lime 6620KV Red Coat™ KEVLAR® Size: M-XXL Double Dipped PVC 12” Gauntlet, 13-Gauge KEVLAR®/Cotton Plaited Liner, Sandy Finish Palm. CE 4342, CPPT level 2. 6620 Red Coat™ Sizes: M-XXXL Double Dipped PVC, 10" Gauntlet, Seamless Knit Liner. CE...

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Oil & Gas Gear - 8

Leather Grain leather drivers are available in cowhide, pigskin and goatskin. High visibility and waterproof options, various thumb patterns, and cut resistant linings provide traditional favorites with updated safety features. 3213HVI Sizes: XS-XXL Industry Grade, Cow Grain, Hi-Vis Orange Fingertips and Thumb, Shirred Elastic Back, Keystone Thumb, “Watch Your Hands” Logo. 3413HVI Sizes: S-XL Industry Grade, Grain Pigskin, Hi-Vis Orange Fingertips and Thumb, Shirred Elastic Back, Keystone Thumb, “Watch Your Hands” Logo. HI-VIS 34411 LUMINATOR™ Size: S-XL Premium Grade Grain Pigskin,...

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Oil & Gas Gear - 9

Leather Big Jake, our premium gunn pattern series, incorporates our highest levels of materials and manufacturing expertise. These traditional favorites are also available with application specific designs plus reflective materials. 1700 Big Jake® Sizes: S-XXL Full Feature Gunn Pattern, Heavy Select Side Leather Palm, 8 oz Jersey Lining, 9 oz Cotton Canvas Back, 2.75" Rubberized Safety Cuff, Sewn with KEVLAR®. CE 4143, CPPT level 2. 1734 Big Jake® Size: XL Full Feature Gunn Pattern, 3/4 Leather Back, Fully Quilted Double Leather Palm and Thumb, Triple Layer Thumb Crotch, 2.75" Rubberized...

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Oil & Gas Gear - 10

Cotton Double Palms Flame resistant and high visibility offerings targeting oil and gas refinery environments using the industry’s traditional double palm favorite. These styles have been tested in accordance with testing method ASTM F1358-08 to meet the flame resistance requirements of the ANSI/ISEA 105-2011 standard. 9018FRO Size: L Flame Resistant, Hi-Vis Orange, Double Palm, Nap-in, Knit Wrist, Tested in Accordance to ASTM F1358-08 to Meet ANSI/ISEA 105-2011. 9018FRG Sizes: S, L Flame Resistant, Hi-Vis Green, Double Palm, Nap-in, Knit Wrist, Tested in Accordance to ASTM F1358-08 to Meet...

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Oil & Gas Gear - 11

Cotton Double palm gloves, one of the historical favorites for the oil field, have been updated to include meta-carpal padding, high visibility materials, and optional wrist closures. Other safety progressions include high visibility fabrics and dots on traditional canvas styles. Sizes: M-XL Hi-Vis Orange Canvas Dotted Palm, 5mm Rubber Meta-Carpal Padding Back of Hand and Knuckle Area, Reinforced Thumb and Forefinger Crotch, Knit Wrist. 9018CR Size: L 18oz Cotton Canvas, Double Palm, Quilted with Red Thread, Nap-In, Clute Pattern, Red Knit Wrist, Straight Thumb. 8808O Size: L Orange, Dotted...

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