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Glasses Catalog - 2

This patented construction allows the frame to flex and fit individual faces from large to small. Dual material temples combine Thermo Plastic Rubber (TPR) for comfort and grip and polycarbonate for durability. Bayonet temple design ForceFlex series II styles feature a new stylish half-frame construction that still greatly exceeds the Military MIL-PRF-31013 Standard for ballistic level impact resistance. ForceFlex technology incorporates patented multi-injection molding of the lens with a flexible Thermo Plastic Urethane (TPU) frame. Includes microfiber cleaning bag Universal nose bridge...

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Glasses Catalog - 3

Frame options: Graphite with Red Tattoo or Onyx with Metallic Blue Tattoo Non-slip temple sleeves Tribal tattoo design on frame and temples Non-slip temple sleeves Padded Case with Velcro Closure Soft, secure gel nose piece Case & Cord Included Soft, secure gel nose piece Case & Micro-Fiber Bag Case Case & Cord & Micro-Fib Bag Included Included Sleek dual lens design Micro-Fiber Case Included Micro-Fiber Case Included Micro-Fiber Case ONYX FRAME WITH METALLIC BLUE TATTOO TB140AF Clear Anti-fog TB142AF Grey Anti-fog TB143AF Light Blue Anti-fog TB148B Blue Diamond Mirror TM Multiple points of...

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Glasses Catalog - 4

Non-slip temple sleeves Bayonet temple design Dual color axis design Non-slip temple sleeves Hybrid temple design Padded Case with Velcro Closure Gel-padded nose piece Case Case & Cord & Micro-Fiber Bag Included Included Sleek dual lens design Micro-Fiber Micro-Fiber Case Case Included Case Included Included Soft, secure gel nose piece Padded Case Case & Cord with Velcro Closure ONYX/GRAPHITE GRAY FRAME TRANS BLUE/SILVER FRAME SH110AF Clear Anti-fog SH120AF Clear Anti-fog SH112AF Gray Anti-fog SH122AF Gray Anti-fog SH118B Blue Diamond Mirror SH129AF Indoor/Outdoor SH119AF Indoor/Outdoor...

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Glasses Catalog - 5

Destinctive Mossy Oak® Camoflague pattern on frame Non-slip temple sleeves Mossy Oak® is a registered trademark of Haas Outdoors Inc. and is used with permission. MOSSY OAK® DALLAS® LENS OPTIONS MODL110 Clear MODL112 Gray PaddedAmber Case MODL114 Case & with MODL117 Velcro Silver Mirror Cord Included Closure MODL119AF Indoor/Outdoor Clear Mirror Anti-fog Micro-Fiber Micro-Fiber Case MOSSY OAK® PLASMA® LENS Case OPTIONS Included Included MOPA110 Clear MOPA112 Gray MOPA11B Brown Soft, secure gel nose piece Sleek dual lens design Case & Micro-Fiber Bag Included Case Padded Case Case...

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Glasses Catalog - 6

Inter-changeable head band with hook and loop closure allows for adjusting fit while wearing ™ Full length non-slip TPR temple sleeves for comfort and grip Lightweight nylon frame Inter-changeable 3 position ratcheting bayonet temples costomizes fit while reducing pressure on mastoid bone (area behind ear) Closed cell foam seal for optimum protection from dust and debris BLACK FRAME RT110AF Clear Anti-Fog RT112AF Gray Anti-Fog RT114AF Amber Anti-Fog SILVER FRAME RT120AF RT122AF RT129AF Strong, lightweight polycarbonate lens blocks 99.9% of ultraviolet rays Wrap-around lens design provides...

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Glasses Catalog - 7

Available in Black and Tortoise shell frame options Non-slip TPR temple sleeve Dual polycarbonate lens that rays while providing an excellent orbital seal TORTOISE SHELL FRAME Exclusive Duramass® BLACK FRAME Clear Anti-Fog Gray Anti-Fog Silver Mirror Blue Diamond Mirror Clear Mirror Anti-Fog Wrap-around lens design provides greater side impact Unique nosebridge wide variety of users Strong, lightweight polycarbonate lens blocks POLISHED BLACK FRAME < > DL118B Blue Diamond Mirror Clear Mirror Anti-fog NUCLEAR ORANGE FRAME Clear Mirror Anti-fog METALLIC BLUE FRAME DL318B Blue Diamond Mirror...

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Glasses Catalog - 8

long-wearing comfort KLONDIKE* BLACK FRAME Strong, lightweight polycarbonate lens filters out KLONDIKE* BLUE FRAME Clear Mirror KD119 Indoor/Outdoor Clear Mirror KD119AF Indoor/Outdoor Clear Mirror Anti-f long-wearing comfort KLONDIKE9 PLUS BLACK FRAME Clear Mirror Clear Mirror Anti-fog KDRX Prescription Insert for Klondike Plus Take the KDRX insert to your optician and have your prescription frame. Then easily mounting studs. Slide the KDRX insert onto

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Glasses Catalog - 9

Hybrid temple design temple inserts Soft TPR (Thermo Plastic Rubber) nosebridge for long wearing comfort Close orbital seal provides maximum OPEN CELL FOAM ORBITAL SEAL LW31 OAF Clear Anti-fog w/ Orange Pads > LW312AF Gray Anti-fog w/Orange Pads Soft open cell foam protection from dust tigher orbital seal Strong, lightweight polycarbonate lens LW210 Clear w/ Orange Pads 4 LW212 Gray w/ Orange Pads LW213 Light Blue w/ Black Pads LW214 Amber w/ Black Pads LW217 Silver Mirror w/ Orange Pads LW218B Blue Mirror w/ Black Pads LW219 Indoor/Outdoor Clear Mirror Non slip TPR temple inserts coated to...

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Glasses Catalog - 10

High Velocity Strong, lightwe polycarbonate lens blocl BEARKAT» FRAME lens design with integral Light Blue BK Small Light Blue Silver Mirror Blue Mirror Indoor/Outdoor Clear Mirror Clear Mirror Regular (meets Military High Velocity Non-slip temple Universal nosebridge with gel nose piece provides more secure fit and comfort for extended wear fits large user Exclusive Duramass® scratch-resistant coating CHECKLITE* FRAME CL110AF Clear Coated Anti-fog -Strong, lightweight polycarbonate lens ultraviolet rays Htph Velocity Strong lightweight polycarbonate lens ultraviolet rays Exclusive...

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Glasses Catalog - 11

HEARING PROTECTION • Soft P/U Foam or molded silicone options • Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) of 32db and 25db Disposable Soft Polyurethane (PU) Foam Earplugs EPDC32 Corded 100 pair per dispenser box EPDU32 Uncorded 200 pair per dispenser box Contoured design. Expandable for comfortable fit. Attached cord allows for greater accessibility when Reusable Molded Silicone Earplugs EPRC25 Corded 100 pair per dispenser box EPRU25 Uncorded 100 pair per dispenser box Special flange design allows for maximum comfort. Attached cord allows for greater accessibility when Menisi S^íR ^Nuisant* Duit Main...

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Glasses Catalog - 12

104 Headgear with integrated clear faceshield 105 Headgear with integrated gray faceshield Headgear with integrated one piece molded PC faceshield providing better optical quality Faceshield's curvature on sides and underneath chin providing optimum DURAMASS® hardcoating to reduce scratching after repeated use Ratchet action adjustment with terrycloth sweatband to provide both a precise fit and maximum comfort Retail packaging STRYKER GOGGLES 231 OAF Clear Anti-fog w/ rubber strap 2312AF Gray Anti-fog w/ rubber strap 2320AF Clear Anti-fog w/ elastic strap 2322AF Gray Anti-fog w/ elastic...

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