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1717A Big Jake Leather Palm Specification Sheet PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Alycore™ is one of the most cut and puncture resistant materials available. Our Alycore™ gloves offer maximum dexterity and sense of touch due to the high degree of flexibility and the patent pending construction. . All Alycore™ styles provide a high cut level performance, and by adding Alycore™ to the premium Big Jake® glove you get unbeatable protection from abrasion as well.. Big Jake® gloves are used in heavy duty and rugged environments and are made tough for the toughest jobs. The 1717A glove features a full leather back for added protection and is sewn with super-strong, heat resistant DuPont™ Kevlar® thread. Alycore™ in the palm and fingers (see protection zones) for cut resistance. It also features an 8 oz. jersey palm lining, 9 oz. cotton canvas back, and a 2.75" rubberized safety cuff. FEATURES: ■ Made with Alycore™ Providing Cut and Puncture Resistance in Palm ■ Big Jake leather offers outstanding abrasion resistance ■ Full Grade A+ Select Side Split Leather ■ Sewn with DuPont™ Kevlar® thread ■ Absorbent fleece lining, fully in-sewn on thumb and little finger ■ Launderable - Machine Wash, Do NOT machine dry APPLICATIONS: Automotive , Cable , Construction, Demolition, Forestry, Lumber industry, Rebar, Carpentry, Manufacturing TECHNICAL DATA FOR: 1717A Series Big Jake EN 388 : CE Score - Tear 4 Material Group Leather ANSI Cut ANSI Cut A9

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1717A Big Jake Leather Palm Specification Sheet Product Type Glove Size Material Leather Cut Leather Type Grade Features Lining Pattern Thumb Style Thickness ANSI Abrasion 3 Level 4 (Applications less than 500 degrees F) Leather Palm Large Leather Split Side Cow Skin Premium Sewn With KEVLAR Fleece Palm Gunn Wing 1.1 - 1.6 mm ANSI Abrasion ANSI Contact Heat

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