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Viavent ® OVERHEAD SYSTEMS FOR CONVEYING AND PROCESSING CHIPS AND COOLANT t® : ven e n e r a t i o n Via g w e ne th

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Viavent ®...THE MORE EFFICIENT WAY . . . …for chip transportation and processing Today’s Systems: Cumbersome, polluting, expensive, and time-consuming handling of chips and coolant. The Viavent ® System: Chips and coolant are automatically pumped through an overhead closed loop piping Machine pump station system. Advantages: • • Flexible shop layout • machine location is not tied to coolant trenches • • Less risk of pollution • clean air and floors because of the Viavent® closed loop system. No misting or undetected leaks from in-floor coolant trenches • • • Reduced operating costs • Easy...

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Viavent Overead Pump System - 3

Viavent ® ADVANTAGES OVER CONVENTIONAL SYSTEMS... ...for large or small installations Lower investment costs: • overhead piping reduces civil construction requirements • enhanced coolant flushing (patented) • pumps and filtration systems are smaller; • no need for velocity flushing of sediment in piping Lower operating costs: • automatic chip removal reduces material handling personnel • easier maintenance due to self-cleaning feature Improved environmental protection: • in the remote chance of a system leak, detection is immediate • lower disposal costs due to longer coolant service life •...

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Viavent Overead Pump System - 4

WHAT MAKES Viavent® UNIQUE? The closed loop piping system with patented “EHB” overhead control tanks … …self-cleaning and energy-conserving Utility support columns and overhead lines: With Viavent®, all of your machine tools can be linked to utility lines (coolant, compressed air, electricity, telephone, etc.) using “utility support columns.” Foot valve: The “lock-keeper.” When released, the coolant and the chips are flushed directly into the filtration system. Main features of Viavent®: • pumps both coolant and chips automatically from machine tools • “digests” larger chips than...

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Viavent Overead Pump System - 5

NO SEDIMENT IN PIPING… …modular construction - easy to expand or modify Piping systems: The “lifelines” of the system interconnect the separate components and create a smoothly operating network for supply and disposal. High capacity is achieved with smaller pipe diameters. The piping system is mounted horizontally above the floor so there are no slopes to limit piping runs. The patented “EHB” overhead control tanks: The patented “EHB” overhead control tanks are the basic component of the Viavent® principle and the heart of the System. The ingenious application of basic laws of physics and...

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ADDITIONAL BUILDING BLOCKS: ...coolant filtration and chip processing Optional components: • • self-cleaning filtration modules • • high degree of mechanical safety • • no media disposal costs • • low operating costs • • modular expansion • • designed and constructed for easy maintenance Vacuum-type drum filters • • high filtration quality • • low investment costs • • low operating costs • • no filter aids required • • stainless steel filter fabric (double cleaning) • • compact design Small filter with permanent media • • recovery of precious coolant reduces operating and disposal costs • •...

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MAYFRAN’S DIVERSIFIED RANGE OF PRODUCTS... …with engineering, manufacturing, and installation from a single source, Mayfran is your better solution! Coolant filtration ents pon com ms, gle sin yste s For ete mpl tter r co e be o s th . N ha ness YFRA busi MA our for y tion solu Separator conveyor Centrifuges Chip conveyor Chip shredder

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Mayfran International B.V. P.B. 31032, Edisonstraat 7 NL-6370 AA Landgraaf/The Netherlands Tel.: 31-45-5329292 Fax: 31-45-5329300 Mayfran U.K. Ltd. Blundell House, Torrington Avenue Coventry CV4 9GU/UK Tel.: 44-1-203-466281 Fax: 44-1-203-422206 Mayfran GmbH, Roermonder Str. 594 D-52072 Aachen/Germany Tel.: 49-241-938720, Fax: 49-241-175080 Mayfran France S.A.R.L., Centre D'Affaires, Paris-Nord Immeuble le Bonaparte, F-93153 Le Blanc Mesnil Cedex/France Tel.: 33-1-48-65-7800, Fax.: 33-1-48-67-7629 Mayfran International (Inc.) Tel.: 1-216-461-4100 Fax: 1-216-461-5565 Mayfran International,...

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