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VacuFilter® E-Series Vacuum media coolant filtration technology Engineered for metalworking fluids

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VacuFilter E-Series Benefits... Proven reliable technology, Mayfran’s VacuFilter® E-Series Coolant Filter is a highly efficient high flow coolant filtration system that is custom engineered and fully automatic. The E-Series can be used for various processes and with various materials, removing fine particulates from metalworking fluids. With proper media selection, expect up to a 99% efficiency rating for applications including machining, grinding, drilling, honing, polishing, and washing. Plus, with a custom engineered VacuFilter E-Series unit, customers can choose from different types of...

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How VacuFilter E-Series Works... The VacuFilter E-Series captures and removes fine particulate from coolant, providing clean coolant to the machining process. VacuFilter E-Series filtration works as follows: Fig.1 G I A H A. Dirty coolant enters the filter tank via a dirty coolant inlet connection. B B. Filter tank holds a volume of dirty coolant to assure continuous, uninterrupted operation. C. Media covers the bottom of the filter tank and the septum plate. D. The septum plate supports the media. E. A pump creates a vacuum, drawing coolant through the filter media, and sending clean...

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Worldwide At Your Side... Headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, USA, Mayfran International is a global leader in providing engineered solutions for scrap and coolant management and material handling in metalworking, recycling, solid waste processing, as well as other applications. With operations around the world, you’ll find that Mayfran is strategically located to support your chip, coolant and scrap management projects. MAYFRAN INTERNATIONAL 6650 Beta Drive P.O. Box 43038 Cleveland, OH 44143-2321 USA Tel: +1 440 461 4100 Fax: +1 440 461 5565 MAYFRAN...

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