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Shuffle Drive System

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Scrap Management and Parts Handling Stamping Forging Die-Casting Laser / Plasma Cutting Moving materials with maximum efficiency Chip and Coolant Management Aggregates Solid Waste MAYFRAN SHUFFLE DRIVE CONVEYOR SOLUTIONS Food Processing Pharmaceuticals

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Mayfran’s Shuffle Drive Technology sets a new standard for metalforming scrap removal. Mayfran’s press-mounted Shuffle Drive systems will significantly increase uptime, eliminate draw on shop air and run reliably shift after shift. The return on investment through increased machine utilization is astounding. That’s why most of our customers have already installed multiple Shuffle Drive Conveyor systems, and are planning to install more. SHUFFLE DRIVE BENEFITS The Shuffle Conveyor for in-the-floor applications is a perfect complement to steel belt conveyors in central scrap management...

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PAT E N T E D S I M P L I C I T Y. P R O V E N R E L I A B I L I T Y. The patented Shuffle Drive technology was developed by Press Room Techniques, and has proven itself in over 200 customers with 800 installations. Now this flexible, reliable technology is part of the Mayfran family of scrap removal and material handling solutions. 3

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It’s easy to see why a Shuffle Drive Conveyor solution works so well. Mayfran Press-Mounted Shuffle Drive Solution Innovative pivot design to translate motion to multiple directions Changeable trays can accommodate different die sets Press Column mounting of the Shuffle Drive motor is just one possibility that can be applied to provide easy access to the press Mayfran Shuffle Conveyor Central Collection Solution Mayfran steel belt conveyor provides incline capability in integrated systems The drive is located away from the system where the environment is less harsh Tray supported by torsion...

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> A Shuffle Drive system can move a 400 foot tray of scrap on a single drive > The heavy-duty construction can handle the impact of heavy scrap > The Shuffle Drive Conveyor can be restarted even under a heavy load > Rapid return on investment – We’ve done the math. A complete press-mounted Shuffle System is able to move up to 20,000lbs/hour Payback in a few months is a realistic expectation. Typical savings from using a press- of material at a rate of mounted shuffle drive system are shown below. Your Mayfran representative will be happy 40 feet/minute to run the numbers to get a more...

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Most of the major metalforming operations around the world include Mayfran conveyors! Mayfran International is a global leader in providing solutions for scrap and coolant management and material handling in metalworking, recycling, solid waste processing, and other applications. Mayfran’s products convey, filter, separate, shred, briquette and process scrap materials and fluids for the automotive, aerospace, consumer products, oil and gas, steel processing, solid waste, pulp and paper, medical products, heavy equipment and related industries. Headquartered in Cleveland, OH since 1933 and...

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