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MAGNETIC ROLLER SEPARATOR CONVEYOR IIII I ml)'t'frnl I INTERNATIONAL- The Conveyor lor Positive Separation of Ferrous Fines from Coolant The Mayfran Magnetic Roller Separator Conveyor* is a more efficient approach to separating and removing fines from coolant. It channels all powerful field of stationary magnets. Providing high capacity, friction-free conveying and maxi- • Removes up to 99.9% of ferrous materials (by weight) from coolant. • Provides extremely high conveying capacity. coolant and suspended material through a • Virtually eliminates costly machine sump cleanings. • Improves coolant life and • Requires less maintenance than conventional designs . P.O. Box 43038 Tel: (440) 461-4100 Cleveland, OH 44143-0038 Fax: (440) 461-0147 Internet: E-mail: © Maylran 1999

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The Magnetic Roller Separator Conveyor features an innovative use of magnets, to provide dependable separation and removal of ferrous fines from coolant. DIRTY COOLANT MAGNETIC STRENGTH COOLANT SLOT HOW IT OPERATES. A series of stainless steel rollers with permanent magnetic cores runs the length of the unit. Each core consists of a stationary magnet, whose strength gradually diminishes in the direction of roller rotation. Ferrous particles are magnetically attracted to the roller surfaces and are carried in the rotating direction. As the roller turns, the particles are transported from a...

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