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Guide to Chip Types

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GUIDE TO METAL CHIPS Types and Weights FINE CHIPS: Free flowing, small (granular) chips. Commonly produced in milling, broaching, hobbing and gear cutting applications. BROKEN CHIPS: Usually sixes and nines, occasional string to one foot in length produced in drilling, boring and screw machine applications. Non-balling––loose, free-flowing material. LIGHT TURNINGS: Balled turnings and strings. Commonly produced from turning operations. May contain a high percentage of broken chips. But will conform to the size of container used in handling. HEAVY TURNINGS: Snarly, compressed balls of turnings produced by machining hardened materials or created by method of handling. Usually contains a low percentage of broken chips and fines. TYPE STEEL CAST IRON BRASS ALUMINUM P.O. Box 43038 • 6650 Beta Drive Cleveland, Ohio 44143-0038 (440) 461-4100 Fax: (440) 461-0147 Nominal weights per cubic foot Solid Stock (Ref. only) 490 lbs. 482 lbs. 558 lbs. 169 lbs. Fine Chips 85-160 125-180 150-200 50-60 Broken Chips 55-75 70-120 65-100 20-25 Light Turnings (Loose) 10-25 –– 15-30 5-10 Heavy Turnings (Tight) 30-45 –– 35-60 10-15 Visit us on the web: CGUIDE 1-02 P

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