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FastPac TM Briquetter The Mayfran FastPacTM Briquetting FastPac offers these advantages: System compresses wet metal chips, fines, and • Measure your scrap output into dense sludge into high density, compact briquettes. briquettes that can be weighed before they are FastPac maximizes the value of your steel, sent to your scrap hauler. aluminum, brass or other metal scrap by squeez- • Maximize the value of chips and turnings. ing the material up to 98% dry. FastPac is • Recover valuable coolants and oils. designed to produce briquettes faster with its • Reduce space for storage of scrap. continuous feed system that discharges a briquette • Provide a cleaner work environment. while another one is quickly formed. P.O. Box 43038 Tel: (440) 461-4100 Cleveland, OH 44143-0038 Fax: (440) 461-0147 Internet: E-mail: FastPac is a trademark of Mayfran Interrnational © Mayfran 2001 FastPac Briquetter Maximize the value of ferrous and non-ferrous chips and turnings.

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SPECIFICATIONS How FastPac Makes Briquettes: 3 The charging screw (2) feeds the material which is stored in the hopper (1) to the pre-charger.The running time of the screw is calaculated by a PLC control unit. 1 2 After termination of filling by the screw the precharger (3) pre-compresses the material in the precharger chamber (4). The main press piston (6) pushes the pre-compressed material into one of the two press chambers in the die (5) and compresses the material into a dense block. During the process the ejectors, which are fixed parallel to the main press piston, push out the ready...

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