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Chip Conveying, Filtration, and Processing

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CONVEYING, FILTRATION AND PROCESSING swarf and coolant for the metal working industry Single conveyor Stand-alone fi ltration solution Central Filtration systems Chip processing

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Worldwide at your side….. 6 Locations for production and engineering, and a network for sales and service partners, secure our customers an optimal support. 2 2 3 4 5 6 1. America, Cleveland, US 2. Europe, Landgraaf, NL 3. Asia Shiga Japan 4. Asia Hubli India 5. Asia Shanghai China 6. Asia Seoul Korea 1 4 3 5 2 1

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… for economical solutions Single solutions for machine tools • Hinge belt conveyors • Draglink conveyors • Chip conveyors with integrated filtration • Stand-alone filter systems • Magnetic separator conveyors • Pumping systems Central systems • Conveying systems • Coolant filtration systems • Chip processing • Chip crushers • Chip centrifuges • Overhead chip & coolant handling • In floor chip & coolant handling • Chip charging systems • Pumping systems 3 Chip handling and coolant filtering

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MT 10 ”the compact” Mayfran 1.25" pitch steel belt conveyors are suitable for even the smallest machine tools due to their extremely compact design. They can convey typical machine tool swarf & chips, as well as machined parts, small bar ends and stampings. This steel belt conveyor is typically used on machining and turning centres with a spindle power of up to 15kW. From Cleveland USA to the world Mayfran was granted the first patent for a chip conveyor in 1952. At this time nobody knew that by 2006 nearly all machine tools would be equiped with chip conveyors. As a global company, Mayfran...

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CT 2 “the classic” Mayfran 2.5" pitch steel belt conveyors incorporate wear and shock resisting features to give long life in the most demanding environments.They are typically used on a variety of machine tools with spindle powers up to 50kW. Special Applications Mayfran offers a wide range of solutions for special applications (for example die cast scrap) Scraper conveyor Mayfran 2" pitch scraper conveyors are used in applications where only fine swarf of heavy materials (e.g. cast iron & brass) are to be removed. 5 Chip conveyors Steel belt conveyors / Physical dimensions Type MT-10...

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The Mayfran magnetic roller separator conveyors provide a more effective separation of the swarf from the coolant. The excellent separation is achieved by passing the coolant several times through strong magnetic fields. So the effect of every magnet compared to the effect of a conventional magnetic conveyor is much stronger. The conveyor - separator is a space saving and integrated solution for chip handling and coolant filtration 6 The Consep 2000 II HP is the ultimate solution for chip handling and integrated coolant cleaning for high performance machine tools such as machining centres,...

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7 RBF-E The Rotary Band Filter (embeded) achieves outstanding filtration by building up a deep filter cake on its surface. The swarf is periodically removed by a rotating brush and back flush jets. • No vacuum required • Simple handling and low maintenance Flat type and Hydrostatic type Paper Filter systems can be used for fine filtration of coolants, particularly on grinding machines. They are able to completely remove a wide variety of coolant contaminants. FPF & HPF paper band filters • Modular design • Low maintenance • Fitted with dirt tolerant level sensing • Media can be changed for...

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Central coolant filtration systems Mayfran filters are custom designed to satisfy customer requirements for space, capacity and filtration quality. Several elements can be specified or combined for the optimum solution: • Precoat filter • Magnet separator • Pressure filter • Pressure belt filter • Drum filter • Vacuum filter • Prefilter Optimum filtration for multiple machine tools 8 Central systems

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9 Pump back stations Viavent® is a closed over-the-floor cycle system for the automatic pumping of swarf and coolants from the machine tools to a centralized filtration. Due to the flexible feeding possibilities in Viavent®, the modular tube system provides maximum flexibility at set-up and conversion, because machine set-up is no longer dependent on floor channels. The closed coolant cycle results in less coolant consumption and longer service life of the coolant. It also allows smaller filters, which again means gaining floor space and saving in investment costs. Advantages: • Flexibility...

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Compact systems Mayfran offers ready-to-go compact systems for the processing (shredding and drying) of swarf and economical recovery of coolant. In combination with the right conveyor solution and coolant cleaning Mayfran provides the best possible solution for environmentconscious chip disposal. The various modular possibilities of the Mayfran components allow different combinations to individual central systems according to size, type and available space. This way the Mayfran products are adapted to your individual requirements. 10 Systems for the automatic and economic processing of...

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Chip crusher Crushers are the first step in chip processing. Depending on the requirements there are various models of Mayfran crushers. In every case they provide the highest level of reliability and user safety 11 Chip centrifuge VBU Centrifuges for drying of chips which are fed continuously. Different sizes are available depending on quantity and chip form. Lift bottom centrifuge Chip drying centrifuge particularly suitable for batch drying of grinding chips and swarf. VC crusher For the intermittent (batch) supply of swarf Chip processing elements

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