LP-V/W Series


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LP-V/W Series - 1

FAYb Laser Marker LP- V SERIES LP- W SERIES FDA Conforming to Conforming to Low Voltage FDA regulations and EMC Directive (Some models only) (Some models only) Innovative fiber laser (FAYb) markers dramatically improve productivity and offer broad advantages over conventional laser marking technologies. 2011.01 Panasonic Electric Works SUNX

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LP-V/W Series - 2

Extensive line of advanced FAYb lasers Evolving toward next-generation applications

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LP-V/W Series - 3

High-performance galvanoscanner Improved productivity Response speeds of at least twice of previous models mean dramatically reduced tact time and support for high-speed production lines. 12 W short-pulse laser Beautiful super-small marking Exceptional-quality lasers with high energy density deliver sharp, beautiful marking. LP-V series Innovative FAYb laser Space- and energy-ecient Thanks to their uniquely simple design, FAYb lasers deliver completely air-cooled performance in a space-saving package, allowing smaller head and controller footprints. Choose the model that is right for your...

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LP-V/W Series - 4

Three times the productivity means less time and equipment. Capable of marking at speeds of up to 700 cps, the LP-V series can deliver more than three times the produc- tivity of previous models thanks to its shorter tact time. Enjoy dramatically reduced equipment costs since a single laser marker can now handle applications that previously required multiple units. Previous models Reduced marking tact time_ The LP-V and LP-W series feature a high-performance galvanoscanner whose acceleration, deceleration, and response speeds exceed those of previous models by at least 200 %, delivering...

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LP-V/W Series - 5

LP-V, LP-W SERIES Accurate marking at high speed Marking order optimization feature Panasonic Electric Works SUNX's proprietary galvanoscanner control technology keeps marking accurate and aligned, even at high speed. The LP-V and LP-W series automatically determine the most efficient marking order, further reducing tact time. Previous models Rank and Offset features Rank and Offset features let you change marking data as well as the marking position without changing file numbers. Depending on how it is employed, this capability can provide dramatic improvements in work efficiency, for...

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LP-V/W Series - 6

The uncompromising pursuit of high-quality marking that is fast, beautiful, and nely detailed. A complement of technologies drives high marking quality. The LP-V and LP-W series take advantage of a number of new technologies to deliver even higher definition marking. Every aspect of the product development process-from the superior beam produced by the FAYb system to control technologies designed to create more beautiful output-reflects a single-minded dedication to improving marking quality. The LP-V series is ideal for marking metals and coloring resins. The FAYb laser used in the LP-V...

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LP-V/W Series - 7

LP-V, LP-W SERIES The LP-W052 generates super-small marking that is vivid and uniform, making it ideal for low-profile packages. It is critical that marking on low-profile electronic components such as chip-size packages has little effect on the target object. Laser output control and a high-speed galvanoscanner make it possible to keep the marking depth to just 10μm 0.39 mil or less. Technologies behind high-quality marking The LP-V and LP-W series take advantage of a number of new technologies to deliver high-definition marking. Intersection correction Depth control Advanced control...

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LP-V/W Series - 8

Advantages of the innovative FAY b ber system The FAYb system resolves the problems of conventional laser markers. The FAY b system provides long life and high efficiency in a compact package that is completely air-cooled. Equipment footprint, constraints on installation orientation, lamp replacement, adjustment of mirrors and other optical components, running costs, and other issues associated with conventional laser markers have all been addressed. LD: Laser diode Innovative fiber system (FAY b) Doping with the rare-earth element ytterbium, which has a beneficial effect on beam width,...

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LP-V/W Series - 9

LP-V, LP-W SERIES High efficiency with less energy ● Comparison of conversion efficiency Because it amplifies the laser inside ytterbium-doped fiber, the FAY b system delivers 50 % conversion efficiency, more than twice the level that is possible with conventional laser markers. An energy-efficient design keeps power consumption to approximately 1/3 the level of conventional laser markers. Approx. 50 % FAYb LD-YAG (water-cooled) Lamp type YAG LD-YAG (water-cooled) At least 200 % higher Approx. 20 % Approx. 2 to 3 % (Light-to-light conversion efficiency) ● Comparison of power consumption...

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LP-V/W Series - 10

Convenience means selecting the mode of operation that is right for your application. Control multiple laser markers with the new Laser Marker NAVI application. The LP-V and LP-W series come standard with application software for easily configuring marking data. Batch laser marker management Now you can connect multiple laser markers to a single computer for centralized management of all connected markers and associated configuration data. Easy, straightforward monitoring of settings and operational status rounds out the application's management capabilities, ensuring that advanced...

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LP-V/W Series - 11

LP-V, LP-W SERIES The touch panel console is ready for immediate use at production sites. LCD touch panel console (optional) provides unmatched ease of use. Laser Marker NAVI included softwares Logo data conversion software Output logos and other graphical marks from DXF, BMP, or JPEG data and read marks using a scanner with Laser Marker NAVI. DXF is a data format developed by Autodesk, Inc. to facilitate the exchange of data between CAD applications. Simulated screen image. Logo data editing software Create and edit logo files without using commercial CAD software. Intuitive operation The...

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LP-V/W Series - 12

Convenient features meet a variety of needs. USB connectors Dual pointers The ability to store system settings on standard USB memory sticks lets you backup marking settings or copy the same set of settings to multiple laser markers, delivering improved ease of use compared to the floppy disk drive used by previous models. (The system also supports USB-connected floppy disk drives.) Customers are encouraged to verify proper operation of system components in advance when using off-the-shelf hardware. LP-V and LP-W series laser markers incorporate dual pointers created by a red guide light to...

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