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LP-M - 1

FAYb Laser Marker

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LP-M - 2

Productivity and safety in one New 3D fiber laser marker LP-M series Since its release of fiber laser marker in 1999, constantly evolving Panasonic products have contributed to improve productivity. These days new safety standards are established and more strict safety measures are required, because manufacturing equipment powered by laser is widely spread. Safety functions included on the LP-M series comply with new safety standards. The LP-M series contributes to establish safer equipment design, in addition to improve productivity. The 40 W high-power laser enables deeper and faster...

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LP-M - 3

Redundant safety measures for controlling the hazard source laser beam make it easier to improve safety level.

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LP-M - 4

Panasonic Industrial Devices SUNX's top-level 40 W high output FAYb laser marker marks or processes deeper and faster on metallic workpieces. Handles an expanded range of laser marker marking / processing applications. Engine block marking Engine part marking Gasket coating removal

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LP-M - 5

High power laser for deep engraving and high-speed marking Deep engraving marking / laser processing High-speed marking Allows deeper and sharper marking and processing to handle demanding applications. No blade is used for high-quality, stable processing. The larger the energy amount sent to the workpiece, the faster and deeper the marking / processing. Takt time reduction greatly enhances productivity. Deep engraving sample image Depth Image of high-speed deep engraving Deeper at the same time Faster at the same depth Marking at 40 W Laser processing sample image Surface processing PLUS...

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LP-M - 6

3D Control capability allows marking on various types of products and complicated shapes to meet a large number of application needs. Enables the best marking on every product type. The LP-M series contributes to production efficiencies, equipment miniaturization and reduced costs.

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LP-M - 7

Optimum marking quality on every workpiece High performance Z-axis stroke mechanism The Z-axis stroke mechanism controls the laser beam focal point in the Z-direction to enable marking on an item with height differences. Marks clearly with no distortion on slanted, curved and stepped surface shapes. Spot average marking enables control of the laser beam spot diameter for uniform marking thickness and depth. Height difference Variable control of focus distance via Z-axis stroke Focus distance Z-direction Uniformly thick marking despite height difference Simple 3D settings: NAVI LINK-3D...

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LP-M - 8

Laser beam interception Laser interception structure *The laser beam is for illustration purposes. An intercepted laser beam is not reflected. Concern for machine safety has increased as globalization progresses. A way to safely intercept or stop the laser beam, which is a hazard source in a laser device, is essential. Compliant with international standard ISO 11553-1 Two newly mounted safety mechanisms improve both Productivity and Safety. Stopping the laser power source Duplicate interlock circuits

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LP-M - 9

Two new functions simplify safe circuit design Laser interceptor [-S type only] uplicate interlock circuits Durability has vastly improved since the first laser interceptor developed. Two outputs can be monitored to check laser interception. Safety is ensured even when the laser power source is on, preventing productivity losses. Laser interception image Mounted with 2 interlock circuits instead of one. A safety relay is also deployed to ensure the laser power source is stopped. Laser power source Safety controller Double output monitoring Safety control system structure 1—Terminal to...

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LP-M - 10

PLUS More User-friendliness Multiple functions added to the design make work on the factory floor easier. Simple connection to multiple laser markers and peripherals. [Laser marker] [Image-processing device] _| PC software: laser marker NAVI plus Includes PC software for simple configuration of marking data. Data can even be created off-site (Multiple languages supported) . Package includes software to create logos, software to create fonts, and Adobe® Illustrator® Plug-In. Create any kind of data. *Adobe® and Illustrator® are registered trademarks of Adobe Systems Incorporated. Connect a...

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LP-M - 11

Work distance Marking field Marking laser Class 4 Yb fiber laser; λ= 1,064 nm 0.0419 mil laser Average output*1 Guide laser / pointer Red semiconductor laser; λ= 655 nm 0.026 mil; Class 2 laser: Maximum output 1 mW or less Scanning method X-, Y- and Z-axis directions; 3D scanning method Scan speed Maximum 12,000 mm/sec. 472.441 in/sec. 0.1 to 120 mm 0.004 to 4.724 in 0.1 to 220 mm 0.004 to 8.661 in 0.1 to 120 mm 0.004 to 4.724 in 0.1 to 220 mm 0.004 to 8.661 in Character settings Setting range character height, width Character spacing Straight Line, Proportional, Justify Line pitch Setting...

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LP-M - 12

Laser safety • This product is classified as a Class 4 Laser Product in IEC/JIS/FDA regulations 21 CFR 1040.10 and 1040.11. Never look at or touch the direct laser beam and its reflection. • The following labels are attached to the LP-M500 series. Handle the product according to the instruction given on the warning labels. (Warning labels are not shown in the product photographs in this catalog.) • The laser used by this product generates infrared light that is invisible to the human eye. Use particular caution when the laser is operating. • Air filter: Regularly clean the air filter...

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