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Panasonic Programmable Display GT SERiES C€ «®. Conforming to EMC Directive Listing Excellent Visibility and Environmental Resistance High visibility display even in bright environments, it’s also compact. Introducing a new product line in the Tough Series with excellent environmental resistance Year farranty

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New Models Added to the GT GT03-E Compact Models Debut! The wide operating temperature range allows for use in various environments. (-20 to +55 ºC -4 to +131 ºF when horizontally installed, vertically installed in a portrait orientation and when using battery) UV Resistant to UV Rays! Reduction The two-layer front protection sheet deduces UV rays in two-stage. IP67 High waterproof performance allows for use in environments exposed to splashing water. The front panel has a protective structure rated IP67. • The LCD picture on this page is simulated images. Improved visibility High...

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Common Features for Tough Series Superior visibility even in sunlight Color type Monochrome type High contrast TFT LCD: Achieved higher contrast and visibility. High brightness backlight: Achieved greater brightness and visibility than the conventional model. The monochrome type, in particular, is greater brightness than the conventional model and is way easier to view in bright environments thanks to the “deep black”. Anti-glare, High visibility display ● A front protection layer has an anti-glare coating to prevent unwanted reflections (Fingerprints are made less noticeable even in...

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Programmable Display The industry’s smallest calss*1 body among 3.5 inch screen Color display uses 3.1 W or less for low power consumption! Use of 3.5 inch TFT monochrome LCD is an industry first*1! Tough series 3.5 inch, 4,096 colors TFT color LCD equipped with long life LED backlight Built-in SD / SDHC memory card slot *2 Connector for communication and power supply To PLC FP series PLC connection cable AIGT8162 Easy to copy, back up, and restore screen data. GT03M-E 3.5 inch, 16-gray scale TFT monochrome LCD equipped with long life LED backlight SD memory card slot Through use of a TFT...

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Programmable Display Outdoor Use Made Possible by Significantly Improved Environmental Resistance and Visibility Tough series 5.7 inch, 4,096 colors TFT color LCD equipped with long life LED backlight Great visibility even in bright environments is possible thanks to use of a TFT LCD with contrast ratio of 500 : 1. GT32M-E 5.7 inch, 16-gray scale TFT monochrome LCD equipped with long life LED backlight Through use of a TFT LCD with contrast ratio of 400 : 1, the “deep black” on a bright display means incredible visibility even in bright environments. Common features Superior visibility even...

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SD Solutions only Panasonic can provide Links and expansion via SD As small-size touch panels have significantly improved their image quality, easy to read displays with sharp characters are no longer special features these days. Instead, programmable displays will evolve with maximum "user-friendliness" in various applications with PCs or other devices. As shown below, our touch panels exchange and store data using SD memory card, data for many applications. Image Processing Device Eco-POWER METER Touch panel Data Logger Links via SD ►► SD recipe function (Data table management) ►►...

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PLC program transfer without the use of a PC It is possible to modify PLC ladder programs as well as the GT screen programs by using an SD / SDHC memory card. SD / SDHC memory card enables everyone to easily modify programs. SD Solutions SD / SDHC memory card SD card data transfer function Log and other data saved on a SD memory card inserted into the GT’s onboard SD memory card slot can now be sent to a PC using a USB connection. SD / SDHC memory card Installation on the PC of GT_SD_Reader software is required. This software is installed simultaneously with Terminal GTWIN (Ver. 2.E1 and...

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High Visibility and Excellent Operability Three-color LED backlights allows for checking machine status at a glance (GT02M / GT02G, GT05M / GT05G, GT12M / GT12G) The monochrome display* has a three-color LED backlight. It allows operators to check the equipment status at a glance by changing the background color. Example: green under normal conditions, orange during operation, and red in emergency situations. * Excluding GT03M-E, GT32M-E, GT32M and GT02L Highly flexible screen design! Please input the numerical value. GT series displays use an analog-touch panel where locations of parts and...

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Advanced Functions to Enhance Work Efficiency FP monitoring function (FP2SH, FP0R, FP-Σ, FP-X, FP-X0, FP-e, FP0 and FP2) Five convenient features of GT series for improved compatibility with our FP series of PLCs 1 Device monitor (Display and change values of FP series devices. Three different modes available) (1) Easy monitor mode: Use this mode when you want to monitor something. Display is continuous when one device is specified and the device can be changed. (2) Entry monitor mode: Use this mode when you want to monitor multiple devices. You can register devices you want to display...

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Power supply External interface Display Screen size Display type Display color Displayable Memory characters capacity (Note) (F-ROM) SD / SDHC USB memory port card (black /) 320(W) × 240(H) white dots (16-gray) scale 2 colors 3.8 STN monochrome black / inch LCD white GT02M: 3-color LED (white / pink / red) 216 characters GT02G: 3-color LED (green / orange / red) 2 colors black / 4.6 STN monochrome white inch LCD 8-gray scale GT12M: 3-color LED 320(W) × 120(H) (white / pink / red) 384 dots characters GT12G: 3-color LED (green / orange / red) Environmentallyresistant Tough series P.5 2 colors...

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Programmable Display Entry-level Model Touch Panel Entry-level model For replacing your touch panel For replacement of your membrane-type switch panel The customizable button layout and switchable screens make design modification and maintenance easier. Contributes to the miniaturization of control panels. Compact body with a wide LCD that is the largest size in its class The small body of 74 mm 2.913 in high and 112 mm 4.409 in wide is equipped with a 3.7 inch large LCD. The analog touch system does not display any annoying visible dots or lines. MiniUSB interface as standard equipment...

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