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Programmable Controller FP2SH Machine Cybernation High Performance & High Capacity 2012.07

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Compact body loaded with functions equivalent to a medium-scale PLC Superior cost performance, and ideal for built-in use FP2SH is a compact PLC series W140 x H100 x D110 mm W5.51 x H3.94 x D4.33 in (when using 5-module type) loaded with multiple functions, achieving superior cost performance. The CPU units have an RS232C port as standard equipment, which allows for communications with external equipment, such as a computer or a display panel, and advanced communications for remote monitoring and remote maintenance via a modem. Furthermore, the new intelligent units support wider...

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FP2SH - 3

Programmable Controller Memory and I/O control FP2SH Equipped with an adequate large capacity program memory and operation memory The compact size unit can have a large capacity program memory, which can be selected among 32 k, 60 k, and 120 k steps types. A variety of operation memory types are also available. Also, the maximum controllable I/O points is 2,048 points (8,192 points when using remote I/O system), which is sufficient for medium-scale control. ■ Addition of optional memory An IC memory card can be used in the CPU unit as program memory or expanded data memory. ■ I/O point...

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FP2SH - 4

P r o g r a m m a b l e c o n t r o l l e r Network compatibility Support a wide variety of networks, such as open networks, PLC links, remote I/O systems. Open networks ■ PROFIBUS DP, DeviceNet, CANopen ■Compatible with major fieldbuses around the world The FP2 and FPΣ series include master units compatible with PROFIBUS DP/DeviceNet/CANopen. ■In combination with the Flexible Network Slave Unit (FNS), FP2SH can serve as either a master or slave unit, allowing for total system construction. ■FP2SH can be compatible with major open networks used FP2 (FMU) around the world and easily...

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FP2SH - 5

Programmable Controller ■ FL-net FP2SH ■ Ethernet "FL-net is a responsive high-performance network for factory automation based on Ethernet. The Japan Electrical Manufacturers' Association started FL-net certification in April 2000." FL-net is now rapidly spreading into various fields, including manufacturing, food, medical, packaging, printing industries and public/social systems. 1 Supports two communications interfaces: 100BASE-TX and 10BASE-T 2 Supports TCP/IP and UDP/IP. 3 Communications among a maximum of eight connections are available. 4 Compatible with user-friendly MEWTOCOL...

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FP2SH - 6

P r o g r a m m a b l e c o n t r o l l e r Remote I/O systems ■ MEWNET-F mode Master Slave FP2-MW The use of Multi-wire link units allows for up to 8,192 I/O points, up to 32 stations, and up to a 700 m 2,297 ft transmission distance. FP2-RMS ■MEWNET-F is a remote I/O system that connects I/O units in separate locations with 2-wire cable. ■Up to four wiring routes are available, allowing for a complicated layout of slave stations. ■The Multi-wire link unit serves as a master station of remote I/O system. Slave stations can be selectable from the units shown below. ■This network system is...

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FP2SH - 7

Programmable Controller FP2SH The CPU units have an RS232C port as standard equipment. Serial communication The communication unit enables connections with RS232C, control RS485 and RS422-compatible devices. ■ CPU units All CPU units have an RS232C port as standard equipment. They can be directly connected to a host computer or a display panel, and can also be connected to a modem to collect data from and change programs in devices in a remote location. [Direct connection to operation display panel or computer] RS232C port Host computer (commercially available PC) FP2SH Display panel ■...

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FP2SH - 8

P r o g r a m m a b l e c o n t r o l l e r Motor control Positioning Unit RTEX Compatible with Realtime Express MINAS A4N/A5N*1 network servo systems Facilitate multi-axis high precision positioning (A5N is supported from Ver. 1.3.) High-speed communications 100 Mbps! Monitoring LEDs ■High-accuracy multi-axis positioning control achieved by high-speed ●Status indicator status ●Error indicator ●Pulser input status ●Link 100 Mbps communications ■Compatible with commercially-available LAN cables, significantly reducing wiring costs ■2 axes type available in addition to the 4 axes and 8 axes...

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FP2SH - 9

Programmable Controller FP2SH Controls up to 256 axes, adequantely supporting large-scale equipment control ■Up to 8 axes type 32 units can be connected, and up to 256 axes can be controlled. (when using H type backplane). ■Selectable among 2, 4, and 8 axes types to flexibly support system configurations of a few or multiple axes ■Use in combination with the ultra-high speed and large capacity CPU unit [20 k steps/1 ms (measured by our company), program capacity of 120 k steps) adequately supports the control of large-scale equipment. ■ System configuration [Maximum number of connectable...

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FP2SH - 10

P r o g r a m m a b l e c o n t r o l l e r Positioning Unit (Multi function type) High-speed, high-accuracy pulse output type positioning unit Speed command: 4 Mpps, Startup time: 0.005 ms Support pulse-input type stepping motors, and servomotors. The speed command range is up to 4 Mpps, allowing for high-speed and high-accuracy positioning. The startup time is as high as 0.005 ms, allowing for a reduction of the tact time. (Startup time: Time between reception of a command from a CPU unit and pulse output from a positioning unit) ■Feedback pulse count function Counts output pulses from...

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FP2SH - 11

Programmable Controller Analog control FP2SH Multi-range control of a variety of equipment is possible. The unit can be directly connected with thermocouples and Resistance Temperature Detectors (R.T.D.). ■Support voltage/current/temperature sensor ranges. The analog input supports voltage, current, and temperature sensors. The analog output supports voltage or current. Different voltage/current ranges can be controlled concurrently [Configuration] ■Equipped with multiple channels Analog Input Unit The input unit has 8 channels, and the output unit has 4 channels. Space-saving and...

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