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cyclical production process using composite materials MATRASUR Composites vast latest technology. MATRASUR is a unique produc- tion line package which embodies advanced technologies to guaran- tee quality, optimise throughput, operation, allow precise costings compliance with increasing environnemental constraints. Utilising its considerable expertise CONCEPT to suit individual pro- duction requirements by linking together proven control, produc- tion and handling techniques as a MATRASUR Composites complete co-ordinated system. Each system is thoroughly tested under production conditions prior to installation, eliminating production trials, avoiding teething problems and ensuring With the RTM CONCEPT, compa- nies no longer need to carry out their own research and develop- ment - MATRASUR undertakes this on behalf of customers and delivers a proven RTM solution backed-up with a complete tech- nical support and maintenance It is fixed in place on the male mould. Injection and cleaning are Advanced technology mould sealing Mould closing and injection under vacuum. Digital display Controls, monitors and displays all times (in kg/item, kg/minute Mould rotation Ensures the mould is always closest to the extraction system, thus providing operator safety. Baffles separate Gelcoat solvent from pigment to eliminate filter Impossible for resin or Gelcoat flow to be out of phase with that of the catalyst when starting or stopping spraying. Provides greater precision. Eliminates porosity in the Gelcoat during rapid curing, due to the very low spray pressure. Catalyst detector If the catalyst percentage varies automatically shut off and flushed. MATRASUR Composites E-mail: MATRASUR.Composites@wanadoo.fr Injection equipment Low pressure, double acting, positive displacement pump which provides a constant flow. Pneumatic motor with specially hardened hydraulic cylinder to withstand filler abrasion. Multi-colour Gelcoater Colour changing without material loss, flushing or stopping Variable temperature control heater with display is situated close year-round continuity of Gelcoat viscosity and optimises product surface finish quality. Mould temperature Reduces gel times and optimises production cycles regardless of factory temperature. Mould flexibility production rates the system can operate using only one male and female mould. Special resin tank Filling, mixing and degassing is under vacuum and fillers are kept in suspension prior to pressurised Control cabinet The automatic system controls all A manual override allows fine

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T) Mould manipulation and pressing 5) Rotational mould carrier ^3) Thermo-regulated male mould 2) Thermo-regulated female mould (|) Advanced technology mould sealing (pj^D Thermo-regulation unit (§) Gelcoat booth (?) Quick change system for male (IQ) Pneumatic control cabinet (Tl) Electrical control cabinet @ Easy reach control unit of Vacuum regulation panel @ Resin heater @ Catalyst alarm .head unit @ Material monitoring system (kg/min., kg/part, kg/day) @ Mixing, holding and air bubble removal vessel @) Equipment enclosure @ Resin drums @ Low pressure Gelcoat spraying unit @ Gelcoat...

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