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INDUSTRIALISATION OF POOL MANUFACTURING Continuous material dispensing machine for robot 11 axes Operator gesture copy Carrousel for single block pools Robotics has made its mark in the Composites Industry and the manufacturing of swimming pools has not been left out in this evolution. A family of robots called ROBOMAT™ is specially designed for the production of large industrial parts in composite. Automatic spray-up at high rate is now possible for gelcoat, barrier coat, FSP, resin & fibreglass… Production can be concentrated in a reduced area without operator. Multi-colour gelcoat spray-up at around 6 m²/min Barrier coat spray-up vertically The 11 axes, versatile, spray-up robot type ROBOMAT™ is based on a “self-learning” technique that is now proposed to manufacturers. Programming is significantly simplified and does not require qualified personnel. The operator in charge is able to programme the robot by guiding its movements. The robot will then reproduce the same movements as many times as needed. Furthermore, the industrialisation of single block swimming pools puts a stop to operators’ exposure to styrene emissions while bringing productivity to a higher level. Investment returns are fast. The company’s sustainability is guaranteed. Control over raw material consumption Simultaneous spray-up of resin & fibreglass, at 12 kg/min If you wish to make an appointment with our specialist or if you wish to get more information on “how to industrialise your Pool production”, you may do so by using the contact information bellow. - MATRASUR Composites - C.D 3 Hameau de Beauvert - 91460 MARCOUSSIS - France www.matrasurcomposites.com – info@matrasurcomposites.com Tel : +33 (0) 1 69 801 801 Fax : +33 (0) 1 69 809 809

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