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EVENTS World News SYMPOSIUM 2011 : INTERNATIONAL NETWORK MEETING AT MATRASUR COMPOSITES Roboticians ready to perform the live demonstration 2 7-axes trimming robot type USIMAT in action Instantaneous programming based on the copy of the operator’s movements by the robot 1500 m2 were necessary for the organization 10-axes spray-up robot type ROBOMAT for gelcoat and resin & fiberglass in action Continuous material supply system for robot

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MC Newsletter - 3

/VCWorld News Didier BARBINI, Director Periodically, you will receive this Newsletter which will provide a view into the different I I months since industrialization processes carried out heart of businesses, discover the latest technical innovations, and follow up on leading-edge production technologies. This Newsletter will be the link between MATRASUR Composites, its Network and Customers. As an equipment integrator and manufacturer, MATRASUR Composites can perform a personalized audit visit to the different production Only a specialized, precise and Precise and innovative company's...

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MC Newsletter - 4

iìlM^^^^^^^^^^^H /VCWorld News Small companies : A chance to automate your For the first time it is possible for a company in the Composites Manufacturing Industry to automate its production process while complying with the new work legislation. The head of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Kathleen Sebelius, has made it known that her department is preparing to elevate the classification of Styrene to a "reasonably carcinogen". A decree on the limit level of styrene emissions reported a tightening of the legislation. Up-to-now suggested values of 23PPM for VLEP-8 hours and...

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MC Newsletter - 5

/VCWorld News STYRENE SENSOR Most composite part manufacturers turn on the styrene extraction system in the morning at the maximum power level and turn it off in the evening, regardless of the number of PPM and the concentration of styrene in the MATRASUR Composites has developed a sensor that detects the quantity of PPM in the atmosphere and adapts the level of extraction accordingly. The level of extraction is dependent on the level of styrene. The extraction intensity will adapt instantaneously to the actual ambient pollution thus achieving significant MATRAFORM: NEWTHERMOFORMING MACHINE...

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MC Newsletter - 6

I N N O VAT I O N & TECHNOLOGY World News MATMAX: NEW CASTING UNIT FOR EPOXY RESIN, POLYURETHANE RESIN, AND SILICONE ELASTOMERS Example of client applications in 2011 : • anufacturing of silicone moulds for M the production of fake stones etc. : • onding of oyster spats on plastic B grids: Casting of 180 drops of adhesive in 100 seconds ● Each drop represents 2gr of mixed material ● fter bonding, the grid is immersed in water to let A the oysters grow ● Epoxy resin : 30 000 CPS at 25°C ● Hardener : 130 000 CPS at 25°C ● Mixing ratio : 1:1 by Volume ● High viscosity material ● olyurethane...

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MC Newsletter - 7

/HCWorld News SPRAY-UP OF IN-GROUND SWIMMING POOLS WITH 11- AXES ROBOT TYPE ROBOMAT Client specifications : • 4 pools to be manufactured per day with Today, because of the legislation on styrene emissions (22 PPM) and the high level of competition in the pool manufacturing business, the production of hand-layed pools will most likely disappear. Depending on the desired annual production quantities it is now possible to use a multi-application robot with or without a carousel. ROBOMAT is a multi-application robot with a unique programming technology based on the copy of the operator's...

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MC Newsletter - 8

/♦/CWorld News ROBOT INTEGRATED TO A CAROUSEL Why integrate a robot to a carrousel? • To optimize all stages of production • To use the floor surface in the most efficient way • To decrease mould handling operations that may come to be very costly in terms of labor • To have operators intervene only for roll-out and reinforcement operations • To have a controlled production flow • To concentrate lamination in one area, reduce extraction, and risk areas in the workshop • To place the metering system in a safety room with controlled temperature • To oachieve high productivity The spray-up of...

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MC Newsletter - 9

/VCWorld News There are no material losses. The metering technology remains the same. Operators can quickly master this technology with a Each material (release agent, gelcoat, barrier coat, resin, solvent ...) has its own feeding circuit connected to the The operator will select the desired material to be sprayed according to the program to be performed. The control cabinet and launching screen are outside of the spray-up cabin from which the robot can be seen. Metering units are located in a separate room with The robot prevents operators from being exposed to sytrene emissions. The...

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MC Newsletter - 10

«CWorld News TRIMMING ROBOT FOR LARGE SIZE RAILWAY PARTS IN MONOLITHIC COMPOSITE OR REINFORCED WITH GLASS, ARAMID OR CARBON 6-axes robot type Robomat Client's specifications : • Application scope: Trimming and drilling of railway parts with large dimensions • Cart with part support structure to be supplied • Part shrinkage to be considered: +/- 6 mm • Possibility to trim large infused parts and RTM injected parts • Positioning system for the part support cart must adapt to all part dimensions • Soundproof cabin with dust extraction system to be • Robot adapted to carbon, aramid dust...

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MC Newsletter - 11

/HCWorld News POSITIONING SYSTEM FOR PART SUPPORT CARTS INSIDE THE TRIMMING CABIN Once the part mounted on the support cart, the operator will position it in the trimming station with the help of a positioning system. To face the large variety of parts to be trimmed, MATRASUR Composites developed a positioning system for both small and large-sized parts that allows to set the part in different positions. The positioning system allows to optimize the in and out part flow in the cabin considereing the production flow ROBOT CONTROL CELL AND PORTABLE TEACH PENDANT FOR 6-AXES USIMAT ROBOT Robot...

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