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Ground Support Equipment - 1

Hoses for the Agricultural Industry Hoses & Connection Systems for demanding applications in the Agricultural Industry

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Ground Support Equipment - 2

Your specialist partner for any application in the Agricultural Industry As much variety as there is in the applications of the agricultural industry, the product portfolio of the Masterflex Group is just as versatile when it comes to high-tech hoses and connector systems. This brochure provides a brief overview of our wide range of products for the agricultural sector. The following applications are just a few examples of those covered by our Masterflex, Novoplast and Matzen & Timm hoses: Grain transport / conveying Grain mills pneumatic brake systems Sowing machines Seed transport Seeders...

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Ground Support Equipment - 3

Hoses & Connection systems for the Agricultural Industry What are the benefits of polyurethane hoses & other high-quality materials from the Masterflex Group? When producing our hoses, we use high-quality materials which make our products longer-lasting, more flexible and more reliable than any other products available. We use polyurethane, polyamide, polyethylene, multi-layered siliconecoated polyester mesh and other high-tech plastics and fabrics. Some advantages of these materials: - The wear resistance and shelf-life of polyurethane is 3-4 times better than soft PVC materials. That...

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Ground Support Equipment - 4

Seed hoses made of Grain Transport Animal Feed Whether large-area sowing machines, Pressure or suction conveying can In fodder supply, concentrated feed is often conveyed a long distance from add-on seeder combinations: plastic central silos to the troughs in the stalls. transport from central seed containers Especially in the collection of grain Flexible hose lines help to bridge critical directly from the ground, flexible hoses hoses play a central role in material can really show their strengths in Masterflex Group is a long-standing combination with a suction pressure fan. partner of...

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Ground Support Equipment - 5

Pneumatic functional hoses Fertiliser Applications Self-propelled mowing and harvesting In the area of feeding and milking Sharp-edged, abrasive fertilisers are a machines require specific solutions for particular hazard for the hoses used engine compartment or in the area of an integral role. The same is true of cabin ventilation. agricultural vehicle production, where Here, polyurethane hoses from the Masterflex Group score highly with pneumatic actuated drives valves Many special vehicle manufacturers decisive part in the workings of many use form-moulded hoses from the vehicle...

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Ground Support Equipment - 6

Master-PUR L Trivolution PU suction & conveyor hose, very flexible, permanent antistatic, microberesistant, low flammability - Highly flexible spiral hose for the suction/ transport of abrasive solids, gaseous Colour: transparent & liquid media, e.g. grain, seed, fertilisers, dust, powder - Protective hose against mechanical stress - Grain mills - Silo filling, drying NEW! antistatic + hardly inflammable + microbe-resistant. TIP: Also available in L-F/H/HU/HX Master-PUR H-MHR Production lengths: up to 25 m, depending on DN Temperature Range -40 °C to +90 °C peaks up to +125 °C PU suction &...

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Ground Support Equipment - 7

Applications Silicone-coated polyester mesh, good heat & cold resistance, very lightweight, good ozone resistance - For installation in turbocharger systems Colour: blue, black, red - For use in air conditioning and ventilation systems - For installation in cooling systems Standard side length: 100 & 150 mm Other lengths upon request Polyamide Pneumatic Hoses PA pneumatic hose, lightweight, good temperature resistance, good pressure resistance, good chemical resistance to oil, grease, fuels, high wear resistance - Conveyor hose for abrasive media - Feed hose for bulk seed - Pneumatic brake...

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Ground Support Equipment - 8

Masterflex SE Willy-Brandt-Allee 300 45891 Gelsenkirchen, Germany Tel. +49 209 97077-0 Fax +49 209 97077-33 A MASTERFLEX GROUP COMPANY Irrtümer und technische Änderungen vorbehalten MASTERFLEX GROUP – September 2015

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