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THE MOST POPULAR DEVICES CONTACT YOUR LOCAL DISTRIBUTOR TO CHOOSE THE BEST HEATER FOR YOUR NEEDS HEATERS DEHUMIDIFIERS FANS MASTER* C last many years C reliable C fuel and energy saving C portable C efficient C with many applications C for different fuel: oil, gas, electricity, wood C produced with the highest quality components C spare parts available for 10 years For further information, please contact your distributor For further information, please contact your distributor: Data, descriptions and pictures are for indication only and absolutely not binding. The Company reserves the right to modify or improve them without prior notice. MCS ITALY: Via Gardesana 11, 37010 Pastrengo (VR), Italy, (0039) 045 6770533, MCS CENTRAL EUROPE: ul. Magazynowa 5a, 62-023 Ggdki, Poland, (0048) 61 654 4000, MCS RUSSIA: Transportnaya 22 vl 2, 142802 Stupino, Russia, tel./fax (007) 495 642 444 8, MCS CHINA: Unit A1, No. 1515 Jinshao Rd, Baoshang Industrial Zone, Shanghai, 200949, (0086) 21 - 61486668, EURITECSA: C/Calabozos, 6 Poligono Industrial, 28108 Alcobendas (Madrid), Spain, (0034) 916614500, Copyright Master Climate Solutions 2015 EN HEATERS, DEHUMIDIFIERS AND VENTILATORS FOR AGRICULTURE

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LIVESTOCK BREEDING Heating greenhouses Drying vegetables, for example onions Drying grains Preparing potatoes germination Greenhouses ventilation Storage rooms ventilation Heating chickens, chicks, geese, turkeys, ostriches Heating livestock facilities Heating up pigs birthing Livestock building ventilation Circulating air in poultry houses Keeping required humidity level in farms Dehumidifing after farms cleaning works Heating workshops Keeping required temperature level in warehouses Defrosting agricultural machinery Drying clothes after work C DIRECT OIL HEATERS C GAS HEATERS C...

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