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Conveyor Pulleys- Special Construction Pulleys

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#1180 HDCP Catalog_#1180 HDCP Catalog 12/6/12 2:50 PM Page 58 Special Construction Pulleys Special manufacturing processes require special pulleys. Whether the equipment is used in mining, chemical, waste processing, or any other demanding application Martin has the experience to solve your problem. With regional manufacturing facilities and knowledgeable sales teams strategically located across North America, Martin can meet your needs. Martin is the ONE you can rely on for manufacturing expertise, application experience, and a quick delivery to get you what you need, when you need it. Martin routinely manufactures special construction pulleys to provide exceptional wear in even the roughest conditions. Below is a sample of some of the more common specialty pulleys Martin can manufacture. • Available in Wide Variety of MTO Sizes • Meet or Exceed CEMA Standards • Superior Strength • Pulleys for Any Industry • Fast Reliable Service DSP Dead Shaft Pulleys The Martin Dead Shaft Pulley (DSP) is designed to withstand the most rugged applications in any harsh environment. The DSP has been used in the industry to help reduce damage to conventional externally mounted pillow block bearings. The DSP features an internal bearing, tucked back close to the pulley where falling material is less likely to damage the bearings and seals. The Martin DSP features an off-the-shelf piloted flange cartridge (interchangeable with multiple bearing manufacturers) suited with harsh environment seals and external end caps for maximum protection against material contamination. Each Martin DSP Pulley is shipped with an aggressively constructed pedestal which is fabricated to drop into the same dimensional footprint of the pillow block which it is replacing (this must be specified at the time of order). The DSP is available as either wing or drum pulleys. DSP Wing Pulley with Martin Pedestals

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#1180 HDCP Catalog_#1180 HDCP Catalog 12/6/12 2:50 PM Page 59 Special Construction Pulleys Spiral Pulleys The Martin Spiral pulley is manufactured with two reverse helix flights wrapped around the pulley core. The spiral material can vary in thickness and width and is subject to customer specification. The spiral pulley is very effective in cleaning the belt while suppressing noise. Spiral Wing Pulley Spiral Drum Pulley with 1" x 1" Flight Spiral Drum Pulley with 1/2" x 1/2" Flight Spiral Drum Pulley with 1/2" x 1" Flight

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#1180 HDCP Catalog_#1180 HDCP Catalog 12/6/12 2:50 PM Page 60 Special Construction Pulleys Sprocket Rollers for Engineered Class Chain Martin Sprocket & Gear Manufactures Sprocket Rollers for engineered class chain. Our rollers are manufactured per customer specification and can be fabricated with bushings, keyless locking devices and through shafts, or with stub shafts and welded construction. Each Sprocket Roller features Martin AccuTorch® Sprocket(s) of specification, and is affixed to the roller OD at any interval with our high tech sub-arc welding process. Multi-Strand Sprocket Roller...

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