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Body & Fender Tool Catalog

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Corporate Offices Sales & Manufacturing Arlington, TX 3100 Sprocket Drive Arlington, TX 76001 817-258-3000 (FAX 817-258-3333) Sales and Manufacturing Albemarle, NC (HD Conveyor Pulleys) 704-982-9555 • (FAX 704-982-9599) Danielsville, PA 610-837-1841 (FAX 610-837-7337) Ft. Worth, TX (Conveyor & Tool Div.) 817-258-3000 (FAX 817-258-3173) Montpelier, OH 419-485-5515 (FAX 419-485-3565) Sacramento, CA 916-441-7172 (FAX 916-441-4600) Scottdale, GA 404-292-8744 (FAX 404-292-7771) Mini Manufacturing Centers Boston, MA 508-634-3990 (FAX 508-634-3998) Charlotte, NC 704-394-9111 (FAX 704-394-9122) Chicago, IL  847-298-8844 (FAX 847-298-2967) Denver, CO 303-371-8466 (FAX 303-371-7116) Houston, TX  713-849-4330 (FAX 713-849-4807) Kansas City, MO 816-231-5575 (FAX 816-231-1959) Los Angeles, CA 323-728-8117 (FAX 323-722-7526) Minneapolis, MN 952-829-0623 (FAX 952-944-9385) Nashville, TN 615-871-4730 (FAX 615-871-4125) Portland, OR 503-223-7261 (FAX 503-221-0203) Tampa, FL 813-623-1705 (FAX 813-626-8953) Wayne, NJ 973-633-5700 (FAX 973-633-7196) Manufacturing Only Abilene, TX • Clarksville, TX  Dallas, TX • Mansfield, TX  Paragould, AR Sales and Manufacturing Ayr, Ontario (Conveyor Div) 519-621-0546 (FAX 519-621-4413) Edmonton, Alberta 780-450-0888 (Fax 780-465-0079) Mississauga, Ontario 905-670-1991 (FAX 905-670-2110) Sales and Manufacturing Martin Sprocket & Gear de México, S.A. de C.V. Monterrey +52 811 156 6830 Guadalajara +52 33-3283-1188 Toluca, Edo. de México +52 722 276 0800 SOUTH AMERICA Sales and Manufacturing Martin Sprocket & Gear do Brazil São Paulo, SR +55 11 40100800 (Sintered Metal & Plastics Div.) Martin for your made-to-order and altered item requirements. HAND TOOLS INSTITUTE Martin Products are made in North America. For more information, contact your nearest Martin Distributor or Service Center. COPYRIGHT 2013 • Martin SPROCKET & GEAR, INC. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED • 767 IHT-BFT2013 0113

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Warning & Safety Reminder Martin Fiberglass Handle Body Hammers Martin Tool pioneered the use of fiberglass handles to prolong tool life, add strength and reduce user fatigue. IMPORTANT SAFETY RULES FOR HAND TOOL USE Hand tools, although commonly used, are specialized for particular jobs. Always use the right size and type of tool for the job being done. Keep tools in proper working condition and discard any tools that are worn or used beyond their useful life. Never use chisels or punches with “mushroomed” heads. They may chip and cause injury. Only power impact sockets should be used on...

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Body Hammers Only Martin Hammers have the time tested good balance, and proper weight and clearances to speed and simplify repairs. Martin Hammers are forged from special alloy steel. Handles are of tough second growth Hickory and fiberglass shaft with cushion grips. Body Hammers Part No. Type DINGING HAMMER For fender and high-crowned panel dinging or b ­ umping. Both high and low-crown faces for “on or off dolly" work. Faces, 11⁄4" and 19⁄16". Round heads, 6" overall. Weight 1.04 lbs. DINGING HAMMER For light dinging and long reach. Square face ­ ermits p dinging close to molding or...

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Body Hammers Martin Fiberglass Handles offer greater strength, longer life and minimal shock. Body Hammers Part No. Type Wood Handles GENERAL PURPOSE PICK HAMMER Medium size point and reach for general work. Low crown strawberry point for perfect balance. Face, 19⁄16" round point, 3 ⁄32" radius. Length of pick end, 33⁄4". Weight .91 lbs. ROUND POINT FINISHING HAMMER Blunt point — long reach. For low spots on high crown panels and other work with long reach. Will not pick holes in the metal. Round face — 19⁄16" diameter. Blunt point 3" long. Weight .81 lbs. SHARP POINT FINISHING HAMMER Sharp...

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Body Hammers & Body Picks Type Head Weight Overall Length Weight with Handle (lbs.) Replacement Handle Octagonal head with flat striking face and rounded cross peen. For driving & setting rivets and general sheet metal forming. TINNERS RIVETING HAMMERS 1 lb. and 11⁄4 lb. Ballpeen - G Series 13" Length 1 ⁄2 lb. Ball Peen - G Series 14" Length 2 lb. Ball Peen - G Series 16" Length & 155FG Fender Bumper FIBERGLASS REPLACEMENT HAMMER HANDLES 2 ⁄2 lb. and 3 lb. Ball Peen - G Series 16" Length All Body Hammers with 12" Handle Length HICKORY REPLACEMENT HAMMER HANDLES 11⁄2 lb. Brick Hammer 121⁄2"...

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Body and Fender Repair Tools Dolly Blocks Type LIGHT WEIGHT TOE DOLLY SHRINKING DOLLY (SERRATED) HEEL DOLLY GENERAL PURPOSE DOLLY UTILITY DOLLY Designed for flat surfaces. All the features of a toe dolly. Sizes 4 3⁄4" × 2 1⁄4" × 11⁄16". Weight 1.8 lbs. Design makes it possible to reach easily into sharp corners and wide radii. These features are exclusive to the Heel Dolly and continue its high demand. Sizes 31⁄4" × 21⁄2" × 17⁄16". Weight 2.7 lbs. Provides convenient and comfortable hand hold during heaviest blows. Weight, balance and several differently crowned working faces, together with...

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Body and Fender Repair Tools Body Spoons Type LIGHT DINGING SPOON To ding ridges smooth and level. When held against ridge and struck with hammer, spreads blow over large area making smooth job and ­ reventing p damage to metal or finish. Not made for prying. Length 10" overall. Face 2" × 4 5⁄16". Weight .50 lbs. COMBINATION SPOON General purpose fender spoon. Used as dolly behind brackets, inner panels and similar places. Handle offset to give balance when dinging and for long reach. Has high-crown working surface. Face 13⁄4" × 51⁄2". Handle 1" octagon 43⁄4" long. Weight 3.0 lbs. SPOON...

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Body and Fender Repair Tools Miscellaneous Tools Type ADJUSTABLE AND FLEXIBLE FILE HOLDERS Permits use of files to 14". Handle adjustable for both right and left hand use for working close to offset or panels. Permit flexing either way to maximum point of s ­ afety against breakage. Weight 1.7 lbs. STANDARD 14" BODY FILE Vixen milled, curved tooth. Plain blade. Flexible, standard cut, 8 tooth. 14" long. Weight .66 lbs. STRAIGHT SHELL BODY FILE Vixen milled, curved tooth. Plain blade. Half round shell, 8 tooth. Concave for shallow concave work. 14" long. Weight .66 lbs. BODY DENT PULLER TOOL...

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