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marmaB|ettromeccanica BETTER PRODUCTS TO HELP YOUR WORK As of today, MARMOELETTROMECCANICA is one of the most important Italian companies to operate in the metalworking industry. We are specialized in the production of diamond tools used for the working of marbles, granits, natural and engineered stones. A modem and efficient method and a deep knowledge of the industry as a whole, as well as of the spcifie needs of our customers: th驨se are the features helping us grow, develop and excel as MARMOELETTROMECCANICA, both nationally and on a global scale. MARMOELETTROMECCANICA is well known for...

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Leaders in the industry Tradition guides us towards the future Technologie innovation has been the lifelong mission of MARMOELETTROMECCANICA. The company is well known for it's creation of new technologies in the field of industrial diamond and for the production of groundbreaking tools. This made us bring notable improvements to the daily work of thousands of operators in the world. A Catalog that is USEFUL, SIMPLE and even FAST In this catalog you will find the widest selection of tools used in all the moments of stone processing. It is a true-to-life working tool and the most valid...

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TABLE OF CONTENTS SILICON CARBIDE ABRASIVES Rigid, Semi-rigid and Flexible 7 Oa POLISHING ABRASIVES 11 Frankfurts - Plates - Edge polishers - Fickerts 0031 BLADES FOR STATIONARY MACHINES 27 Granite - Marble - Engineered stones - Universal BLADES FOR HAND TOOLS 37 Electroplated - Vacuum brazed - Turbo - Segmenteds 0051 WHEELS FOR LATHES AND BRIDGE SAWS 45 Sinthered - Electroplated 0Ԕ6I AGEING TOOLS 51 Silicon carbide wire - Diamond wire - Stainless steel 0071 CORE DRILLS 59 Sinthered - Electroplated - Vacuum brazed GRINDING, SHAPING AND POLISHING WITH 63 HAND TOOLS 4 marmaB|BttminBCCanica®...

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TABLE OF CONTENTS 79 09I ELECTRIC TOOLS Grinders - Polishers - Drills 83 PNEUMATIC TOOLS Grinders - Cutters - Accessories 87 DIAMOND TOOLS FOR STATIONARY MACHINES Edge Polishing wheels - Spiral roller - Frankfurts 91 L2| PORTABLE ELECTRIC MACHINES AND ACCESSORIES Master 3500 - Master 2800 - Workbench 99 PROFILE WHEELS FOR MANUAL AND SEMI-AUTOMATIC MACHINES Wheels for Master, Ghines - Wheels per Thibaut, Oma System IMOMfMI l*ii-&W--V'- 0Ԏ9I CHEMICAL PRODUCTS 125 Glue - Polish CNC TOOLS Request specific catalog Tel. +39 0761 50.51 | Fax. +39 0761 50.83.88|...

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LICON CARBIDE ABRASIVES l Rigid Baklite l Semi-rigid Silicon Carbide l Flexible Silicon Carbide l Flexible with Velcro Using Silicon Carbide abrasive wheels or discs is very effective when treating materials with a comparatively lower grinding resistance, such as marbles and other natural or engineered stones. Silicon Carbide is characterized by a green to black coloration, a crystallized appearance and a particularly high chemical stability. Due to this, it is only soluble in alkaline substances. 7

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FLEXIBLE SILICON CARBIDE ABRASIVES Flexible with velcro FLAT DISC 0115 - 0180 mm Tel. +39 0761 50.51 | Fax. +39 0761 50.83.88| marmaB|BtimmBCcanica 9

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;hing abrasives Frankfurts for Marble Օ Frankfurts for Granit Plates for stationary machines 镕 Edge polishing wheels Fickerts for Granite Օ Fickerts for Engineered Stones MAGNESITE, SYNTHETIC BOND, SINTEX AND DIAMOND The polishing abrasives from Marmoelettromeccanica are an essential tool for the accomplishment of the perfect polish. Availability of incremental grits for each type of product allows for the execution of the complete process without having to switch method from the initial phase onward. 11

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General catalog - 12

POLISHING ABRASIVES FRANKFURTS FRANKFURTS FOR MARBLE Frankfurt Verona Polishing abrasives prooduced in Magnesite, Syntex for using with automatic machines. All grits for the processing of Marbles are available Օ Also available: Diamond Fickert with metal bond (View chapter "Diamond Tools for Stationary Machines") GRINDING GRITS Magnesite and Sintex MAGNESITE SINTEX Code Grit Code Grit SAD01001 16 SAD01011 16 SAD01002 24 SAD01012 24 SAD01003 46 SAD01013 46 SAD01004 60 SAD01014 60 SAD01005 80 SAD01015 80 SAD01006 120 SAD01016 120 SAD01007 180 SAD01017 180 SAD01008 220 SAD01018 220 SAD01009...

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General catalog - 13

FRANKFURTS POLISHING ABRASIVES Type Verona FRANKFURTS FOR GRANITE Frankfurt Verona Polishing Abrasives produced in Magnesite for using with automatic machines. MAGNESITE Code Grit SAD02001 16 SAD02002 24 SAD02003 36 SAD02004 46 SAD02005 60 SAD02006 80 SAD02007 100 SAD02008 120 SAD02009 150 SAD02010 180 SAD02011 220 SAD02012 240 SAD02013 280 SAD02014 320 SAD02015 400 SAD02016 600 SAD02017 800 SAD02018 1000 SAD02019 1200 All grits for the processing of Marbles are available Օ Also available: Diamond Fickert with metal bond (View chapter "Diamond Tools for Stationary Machines") Synthetic...

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General catalog - 14

POLISHING ABRASIVES PLATES PLATES FOR STATIONARY MACHINES 0250 Magnesite, Sintex and Synthetic bond Polishing abrasive plates produced in Magnesite and Sintex for using with stationary single armed machines. Available in all grits. GRINDING GRITS Magnesite and Sintex MAGNESITE SINTEX Code Grit Code Grit SAD03001 16 (0-0) SAD03010 16 (0-0) SAD03002 24 (0) SAD03011 24 (0) SAD03003 46 (1) SAD03012 46 (1) SAD03004 60 SAD03013 60 SAD03005 120 (2) SAD03014 120 (2) SAD03006 220 (3G) SAD03015 220 (3G) SAD03007 320 (3F) SAD03016 320 (3F) SAD03008 400 SAD03017 400 SAD03009 600 SAD03018 600 POLISHING...

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General catalog - 19

EDGE POLISHERS POLISHING ABRASIVES Snail fixing EDGE POLISHERS FOR BEVELS 0100 - 0130 mm Polishing abrasives produced in synthetic bond for using with spcifie machines. Available in all grits for the processing of marbles. Hexagonal bore SYNTHETIC BOND 0 100 Bore 025 mm 0 130 Bore 050 mm Code Grit Code Grit SAD04079 120 SAD04085 120 SAD04080 220 SAD04086 220 SAD04081 320 SAD04087 320 SAD04082 400 SAD04088 400 SAD04083 600 SAD04089 600 SAD04084 1000 SAD04090 1000 Recommended s镩quence for Granit: grits 120/220/400 Recommended sequence for Marble: grits 320/600/1000 Tel. +39 0761 50.51 |...

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