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Torque Tool Testers Series TT02 Series TT02 Torque Tool Testers present a simple and accurate solution for testing manual, electric, and pneumatic torque screwdrivers, wrenches, and other tools. These testers are compact and rugged, suitable for production environments. A universal 3/8” square receptacle accepts common bits and attachments. The TT02 captures peak torque in both measurement directions, and also calculates 1st and 2nd peaks, useful for click-type tools. A blazingly fast sampling rate of 7,000 Hz and accuracy of ±0.3% produce reliable and consistent test results. The TT02 includes a range of sophisticated productivity-enhancing features, including USB, RS-232, Mitutoyo, and analog outputs, automatic data output/zeroing/ data storage upon tool slip or click, memory storage for 1,000 readings, pass/fail indicators and outputs, and more. Password protection is provided to prevent unauthorized changes to settings and calibration. Series TT02 testers include MESURTM Lite data acquisition software. MESURTM Lite tabulates continuous or single point data. Data stored in the TT02’s memory can also be downloaded in bulk. One-click export to Excel allows for further data manipulation. Note: Not for use with impact tools. Series TT02 is shown in a typical manual torque screwdriver test MESUR Lite data acquisition software is included with Series TT02 testers Features  First / second peak capture for CW and CCW directions  3/8 square receptacle accommodates common bits and attachments  High-speed 7,000 Hz sampling rate accurately captures peak torque values  Break detection: automatic output, data storage, and zeroing upon tool click/slip automates testing processes  Programmable set point indicators and outputs for pass/ fail determination  Password protection prevents unauthorized changes  1,000-point data memory with statistics and outputs  5 selectable units of measurement  USB, RS-232, Mitutoyo, and analog outputs  MESURTM Lite data collection software included Controls & Indicators Clockwise/counter-clockwise indicator Set points Current or peak reading Set point (pass/fail) indicators Battery indicator Memory storage for 1000 readings (auto-save also possible) Peak readings (CW/CCW or 1st/2nd peaks) peaks) Measurement mode Unit of measurement Analog load bar w/set point markers Access the tester’s settings menu via an easy-to-use interface Zero the reading to begin a new test (auto-zero also possible) One-push data output to a PC, printer, or other device (auto-output also possible) Toggle between real time, peak, and 1st peak/2nd peak display modes Mark-10 Corporation   Toll-free: 888-MARK-TEN  Tel: 631-842-9200  Fax: 631-842-9201 Specifications subjec

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Torque Tool Testers Series TT02 Page 2 of 2 Optional Items AC1066-1 & AC1066-2 Rundown fixtures Provide accurate and consistent torque measurements for electric and pneumatic tools. Select AC1066-1 to simulate a soft joint with gradual torque buildup or AC1066-2 to simulate a hard joint with faster torque buildup. Integrated 3/8” square drive. ST001 Bench mounting kit Mounts the TT02 securely to a bench for horizontal orientation. ST002 Carrying case Provides storage space for the TT02 tester, rundown fixtures, bench mounting kit, AC adapter, and accessories. Specifications Dimensions...

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