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Data Sheet Plug and TestTM Force Sensors Series R01 Page 1 of 2 Series R01 rugged smart sensors are designed for measuring tension and compression force, with applications in virtually every industry. Durable S-Beam design with threaded holes on two sides allows for many configurations. The sensor can be integrated into an existing system or mounted to a Mark-10 test stand. A shortened cable is available for mounting to certain test stand models (when equipped with optional AC1062 mounting kit)*. Capacities available from 50 to 10,000 lbF [250 N to 50 kN]. Compatible with Mark-10 indicators (sold separately) through unique Plug & TestTM technology. Includes a certificate of calibration with data. Specifications Accuracy: ±0.15% of full scale + indicator Safe Overload: Features < nique Plug & TestTM technology U allows for interchangeable sensors to be used with any Mark-10 indicator. All calibration and configuration data is saved in the smart connector. < Plug & TestTM connector locks The into the receptacle in the indicator when fully inserted. Dual buttons on the indicator housing release the connector for easy removal. Gold plated spring contacts ensure long lasting and reliable connection. < eries R01 sensor with shortened S cable is shown mounted to an ESM1500LC test stand.* < ncluded certificate of calibration I contains 10 data points in each measuring direction. Specifications subject to change without prior notice

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Data Sheet and Test™ Force Sensors Series R01Page 2 of 2 Dimensions in [mm] Optional Items Model No. Test stand mounting kit Test stand mounting kit Add suffix "-1" for shortened cable, for use on the ESM1500LC, ESM1500SLC, ESM750SLC, ESM303, and ESM303H test stands. Ex: MR01-1000-1. Test stand mounting hardware is included with "-1" versions. Note that MR01-5000 and MR01-10000 cannot be mounted to the ESM303 or ESM303H test stands.

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