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Power Plants Programme 2015


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Power Plants Programme 2015 - 1

MAN Diesel & Turbo 86224 Augsburg, Germany Phone +49 821 322-0 Fax +49 821 322-3382 MAN Diesel & Turbo – a member of the MAN Group Power Plants Programme 2015/16 All data provided in this document is non-binding. This data serves informational purposes only and is especially not guaranteed in any way. Depending on the subsequent specific individual projects, the relevant data may be subject to changes and will be assessed and determined individually for each project. This will depend on the particular characteristics of each individual project, especially specific site and operational conditions. If this document is delivered in another language than English and doubts arise concerning the translation, the English text shall prevail. Copyright © MAN Diesel & Turbo · Subject to modification in the interest of technical progress.  D2366513 Printed in Germany GGKMS  ·  kapacht gmbh Power Plants Programme

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Power Plants Programme 2015 - 2

Engineering the Future - since 1758.

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Power Plants Programme 2015 - 3

Power Product Overview 15 Power Plant Solutions 26 Two-Stroke Licence Business 77 Steam and Gas Turbines for Power Plants 103

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Power Plants Programme 2015 - 4

MAN Diesel & Turbo Company in brief MAN Diesel & Turbo can look back on more than 250 years of industrial history with the roots of the company, and indeed of the entire MAN Group, stretching back to 1758 and the St. Anthony ironworks that laid the foundation for the development of the coal and steel industry in the Ruhr region. While focus initially remained on ore mining and iron production in the German Ruhr region, mechanical engineering became the dominant branch of business in Augsburg and Nuremberg. In Augsburg, on 10 August 1893, Rudolf Diesel's prime model, a single 10-foot (3.0 m)...

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Power Plants Programme 2015 - 5

Competence in power engineering Generating Success The economic solution Power generation employing large reciprocating engines is an increasingly popular solution in a world of rapidly expanding demand for electrical power. With our advanced technology and extensive experience in power plant planning and construction globally, MAN Diesel & Turbo is a reliable partner for all categories of electricity producers and all scopes of supply: From single engines and generating sets to complete made-to-measure power plants with EPC (Engineering – Procurement – Construction) scope, acting as main...

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Power Plants Programme 2015 - 6

MAN Diesel & Turbo Highlights The MAN two-stage gas engines – Pace setters in power output and efficiency Gas engines are claiming an increasing share of the market for electrical power generation: Thanks to their operational flexibility, clean combustion, high efficiencies, comparatively low emissions and the attractive price of natural gas. To further strengthen our position in this segment, MAN Diesel & Turbo introduces the latest improvements in its gas engine portfolio to the market: Our both 2-stage gas engines; the MAN 35/44G TS and the MAN V51/60G TS with their superior efficiency....

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Power Plants Programme 2015 - 7

is the only engine manufacturer that designs and builds its own turbochargers. This enables us to achieve the perfect matching of engine and turbochargers leading to the superior performance of the MAN V35/44G TS and MAN V51/60G TS. Further major benefits of MAN two-stage gas engines: Highest single cycle efficiency in the market Highest power output in the market Short start-up and power ramp up times Excellent load response Easy maintenance/ high availability optimized for heat utilization (CHP): > 90% total efficiency If

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Power Plants Programme 2015 - 8

MAN Diesel & Turbo Reference BHKW VW Braunschweig The highly efficient gas engine MAN 20V35/44G in CHP (combined heat and power) application delivers about 10 MW electrical output and 9 MW thermal energy. The power plant covers the base load demand of heat and electricity of the Volkswagen factory in Braunschweig, Germany in an annual use efficiency of 80%. The plant emission limits are according the strict TA-Luft regulation and common European standards. This means a great improvement: compared to the before used energy supply, 90.000 tons of CO2 can be saved. The CHP power plant reaches...

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Power Plants Programme 2015 - 9

The MAN scope included engineering procurement and construction services comprising beside the GenSet with their auxiliary modules all process relevant equipment and systems up to the tie-in Points of the VW Factory. Furthermore, MAN provided the full service of the commissioning for the power supply and above all the very challenging heat system in combination with the back-up heat boilers and the heat supply- control system of the factory. Customer Type: Combined heat and power for own consumption & grid Braunschweig, Germany Engine Type: Order Commencement: MAN’s work scope: EPC without...

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Power Plants Programme 2015 - 10

MAN Diesel & Turbo Reference Thika The independent energy production company Thika Power Ltd., a subsidiary of Matelec Group of Lebanon, has selected MAN Diesel & Turbo to build a diesel power plant in Thika city, situated near Kenya’s capital city, Nairobi. The plant, which supplies energy to the Kenya Power & Lighting Co., was commissioned in summer 2013 and full handed over the beginning of 2014. MAN supplies within an EPC and Consortium the equipment, engineering, plant design, supervision of installation work and commissioning services for this engine based combined cycle power plant....

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Power Plants Programme 2015 - 11

stroke engines are at its heart producing electricity whereas the waste heat is used to drive a MAN MARC®2 steam turbine which generates a further 7.7 MW of electricity. The combination of diesel engines and a steam turbine improves the efficiency of the power plant, producing eight percent more electricity from the same fuel consumption. The power plant produces a total output of 88 MW. Thika Power Limited Customer Type: Combined cycle; base load power for grid Engine Type: Order Commencement: MAN’s work scope: EPC/Equipment, engineering, supervision of installation work and commissioning

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Power Plants Programme 2015 - 12

MAN Diesel & Turbo Reference Belawan MAN Diesel & Turbo equipped a newly constructed power plant in Belawan, Indonesia's third-largest city in the north of Sumatra. This plant is equipped with four of the world’s most powerful four stroke engines, the MAN 18V48/60TS, operating on heavy fuel oil. It provides a capacity of 77 MW, which means a total capacity of around 160 MW. The MAN 18V48/60TS achieves an outstanding level of efficiency through the principle of two-stage turbocharging, where a low-pressure and a high-pressure turbocharger are arranged in series. This two-stage turbocharging...

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