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® MARC Steam Turbines The modular turbine concept MAN Diesel & Turbo

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MARC® steam turbine roots lie in the historical Blohm+Voss Hamburg shipyard: Combining experience and tradition with state-of-the-art technology. 2 MARC® Steam Turbines – The modular steam turbine concept

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The first steam turbines were manufactured in 1907 under the name of Blohm+Voss - initially to propel ships built in the shipyard and subsequently for elec- tric power generation. From 1952 on the company has been concentrating on developing and manufac- turing of industrial steam turbines. The list of world- wide references encompass more than 2,000 steam turbine generator sets. Several renowned companies and utilities use MAN Diesel & Turbo steam turbines in: ■ Industrial Power Plants ■ Biomass Power Plants MAN Diesel & Turbo's advanced production facility in Hamburg features...

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The Concept Top priority of MAN Diesel & Turbo steam turbine development has always been to deliver safe, efficient and reliable units according to its individual customers needs. During the 15 years since its introduction, the MARC® (Modular Arrangement Concept) steam turbine family has proven these qualities in numerous facilities, and underlies a continuous optimization process. The modular turbine concept allows for a flexible arrangement of the main components and enables the overall expedient assembly to be set up in line with specific customer and/or process requirements. 4 MARC®...

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MARC® Turbines Modular ARrangement Concept MARC® 1 MARC® 2 MARC® 4 MARC® 6 typical power range 1.5 up to 3 MWe 2,000 up to 4,000 HP typical power range 4 up to 10 MWe 5,400 up to 13,400 HP typical power range 9 up to 20 MWe 12,000 up to 26,800 HP typical power range 16 up to 40 MWe 21,400 up to 53,600 HP max. flange diameter (mm) Live steam: up to 125 Exhaust: up to 700 max. flange diameter (mm) Live steam: up to 200 Exhaust: up to 1,200 max. flange diameter (mm) Live steam: up to 250 Exhaust: up to 1,500 max. flange diameter (mm) Live steam: up to 300 Exhaust: up to 2,400 max. live steam...

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Backpressure Turbines (Type B) Condensing Turbines (Type C) Heating Turbines (Type H) MARC® Backpressure Turbines MARC® Heating Turbines The backpressure turbines are used as generator The heating turbine can be provided with divided con- drive units in combined heat and power plants and densing part. for on-site electricity generation of industrial facilities. After the first expansion stage the steam is divided They are also used in co-generation applications. The into two streams, each guided to one of two different exhaust steam may be used for further processes. downstream expansion...

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Module: Turbine industrial steam turbine applications require steam extraction for production processes, heating or for regenerative feed water prewarming. In addition to multiple bleed ports, controlled extraction can be provided. The MARC® steam turbine series allows turbine components to be optimally designed; meet- ing individual process requirements. Depending on live-steam conditions and the specified operating mode, blading is adjusted to suit the spe- cific needs. The exhaust steam nozzle is welded and can be positioned upward or downward. MAN Diesel & Turbo MARC® steam turbines are...

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Turbine rotor Bearings Reaction-type turbines are constructed in a drum- The journal bearings are of the multi-face sleeve or type design. The turbine rotor, the balance piston, the tilting pad type. Hydrodynamic oil wedges distributed impulse wheel disc and the subsequent drum parts are evenly along the circumference keep the rotor in a integral forgings of high temperature material. The stable position. rotor design is based upon advanced calculation methods to meet the highest demands for smooth The axial forces resulting from pressure differences and non-resonant operation. The bladed...

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The blading, consisting of control stage and reaction component, converts the potential energy of high pressure steam into mechanical energy. This results in the need for a very large smooth inlet flow angle range, which in turn ensures high part-load efficiency. These requirements are fully met by the overpressure profile employed. Multi-stage blading in the reaction component en- sures high operational safety and economic efficiency based upon: ■ High stator vane and rotor blade resistance to mechanical and thermal stress during operation ■ High resisting torque to prevent vibration ■ Low...

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Control mechanism of a trip or shut-down from full load, the valves are Depending on the live-steam condition and the speci- closed by the spring to protect the turbine generator fied operating mode, the operator can select between set. If the pressure in the control oil system drops, nozzle group control (constant pressure) with or without both the control valves as well as all trip valves will be bypass and throttle control (sliding pressure). closed automatically as they work on the same princi- In case of nozzle group control, and based on use ple (single-acting hydraulic piston versus...

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Module: Gearbox and Generator Lubrication Oil- and Control Oil System Steam turbine Generator Turbine subdistribution panel Drainage group Lubrication oil module Control oil module Lubrication oil module Drainage group Hydraulic module Gearbox Lubrication oil system Gearboxes reduce the turbine speed to the generator The lubrication oil system is a compact unit designed speed. The turbine can be designed according to as a low-pressure oil system to supply the turbine, the optimum conditions at higher speed ranges leading gearbox, and the generator. to high efficiencies. The relatively low...

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Module: Instrumentation and Control System Hardware Function Data storage Ethernet or Central Processing Unit Probus (CPU) Turbine open-loop controller Vibration monitoring Turbine closed-loop controller Overspeed protection Turbine protection and monitoring Generator protection Generator protection Voltage controller Generator controller cos controller Control cabinet and easily facilitates any expansion necessary to The turbine control cabinet is a compact unit that may meet additional and/or future requirements. Start-up, be located variably within the turbine unit. All control shut-down...

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