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Industrial Steam Turbines


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Industrial Steam Turbines >

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Industrial Steam Turbines - 2

Product Range MAN TURBO offers a highly compre-hensive range of steam turbines withproven performance for industrial applications as well as municipal power utilities.Our core competence is the delivery ofcomplete turbomachinery trains forindustrial processes and electricalpower generation including auxiliaryequipment such as:condensing unitsoil supply systems thermal and acoustic insulation base frames and steel foundations.MAN TURBO The large variety of inlet, admission/extraction and exhaust sections guaran-tee optimum matching to the clientsrequirements; condensing turbines canbe...

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Industrial Steam Turbines - 3

1 40 MW extraction condensing steam turbine with an axial exhaust >

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Industrial Steam Turbines - 7

8 Sectional drawing of condensing steamturbine 9 Condensing steam turbine driver foran axial compressor >

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Industrial Steam Turbines - 8

10 12 MW backpressure turbine 11 Sectional drawing of a backpressure turbine >

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Industrial Steam Turbines - 9

12 Variable guide vanesin open position 13 Sectional drawing of a double extractioncondensing steam turbine, the first is a controlled extraction with control stage, the second extraction uses an overflow throttle valve. > 14 25 MW double-extraction condensingsteam turbine >

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Industrial Steam Turbines - 10

15 Central admission turbine during assembly 16 45 MW steam turbine for a CHP plant >

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Industrial Steam Turbines - 11

Casing All steam turbines made by MANTURBO have a horizontally split casing of cast steel. The guide vane carriers aresupported thermoelastically inside themain casing.State-of-the-art materials are used forthe casing and the guide vane carrier.The partition joint bolts are uniformly preloaded by an hydraulic tightening device without the application of any torque. Bolt stresses can be measureddirectly during the assembly and the device also allows simultaneous tighte-ning of the bolts. A further advantage is that assemblytimes are shortened. Reliable and Economical:The DesignAxial Exhaust...

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Industrial Steam Turbines - 18

Applications The design of steam turbines used for such as pumps, blowers or compres- sors, must be flexible to adapt to theprocess requirements; flexible designsolutions are therefore particularly important.The ability to operate over a wide rangeof speeds makes the steam turbine anideal choice to drive a variety of process machinery. In addition the steam parameters requi-red by the process are provided via the extraction, admission and bleedconnections on the turbine.MAN TURBO mechanicaldrive application s core competence inclu-des planning, design, construction, deli-very, erection and...

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Industrial Steam Turbines - 20

MAN Turbomaschinen AGGHH BORSIG Steinbrinkstrasse 146145 Oberhausen / Germany Phone+49. 208. 6 92-01Fax +49. 208. 6 92-20 19 MAN Turbomaschinen AG GHH BORSIG Egellsstrasse 21 13507 Berlin / Germany Phone+49. 30. 43 01-03Fax +49. 30. 43 01-28 41 In the interests of technical progress, subject to change without notice. Printed in Germany.May 2002TURBO 945 e 05025 ba MAN Turbomaschinen AGSchweizHardstrasse 319 8023 Zurich / Switzerland Phone+41. 1. 278-22 11Fax +41. 1. 278-29 89 MAN Turbomacchine S.r.l.De PrettoVia Daniele Manin 16/1836015 Schio (VI) / Italy Phone+39. 0445. 6...

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