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Solutions Dust

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Solutions Dust Delivering Safety

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Makita are committed to developing new initiatives and services that meet your requirements and improve your productivity. We challenge ourselves to new initiatives which deliver the high standards you expect with the Makita brand whilst reducing the risk you are exposed to. Makita offer a wide range of products with integrated dust collection systems, and also compact battery operated dust collection systems that enable you to work safely without losing the freedom that cordless products offer. Why is construction dust such an issue? What is the legal position? What can I do to legally...

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Q Why is construction dust such an issue? The HSE estimate that there are over 500 deaths per year due to dust inhalation within the construction industry. Silicosis, caused by Silica dust is the second biggest killer to asbestosis in the industry. Construction dust is a general term used to describe various dusts created around a site when processing various materials. Silica Dust - Created when working on the following: Concrete, Clays, Masonry, Mortar and Sandstone. Crystalline Silica (Quartz) is the second most common mineral in the world. The fine dust, known as Respirable Crystalline...

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Q | What is the legal position? There are regulations in place which outline how to manage and control hazardous dust emissions within the working area. These are known as COSHH regulations 2002 (Control Of Substances Hazardous to Health). There are two parts to these WEL requirements: Under COSHH regulations (Regulation 9) all plant and LEV that has been provided to protect employees needs to be maintained and serviced by a competent organisation every 14 months. Through Examination and Test (TExT) TExT is an inspection of the LEV. The objective of the inspection is to ensure that the...

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Q What can I do to legally comply and protect my health? (Part 1) The control measures are quite simple. The HSE guidance on control measures is as follows: • Can the materials be brought to the project pre-cut? • Are there alternatives to the process? • Can alternative materials be used? This is contained in CIS69 (Construction Information Sheet 69). This refers to on-tool extraction. Review the effectiveness of the controls Control the risk • The use of correct extraction systems (Local Exhaust Ventilation - LEV’s) to control the dusts created throughout the process. • Allocated cutting...

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Q What can I do to legally comply and protect my health? (Part 2) There are many different types of dusts around the working environment and the way in which these dusts are controlled are different. National and International standards govern the specific technical requirements for control measures and extraction units to be used when these materials are being processed. The international standard EN60335-2-69 clearly defines the three classifications for extraction units, this being L, M and H. Capturing dust at source is the most effective method of control. There are four main sections...

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Quick view classifications The classification (L/M/H) does not apply to just the filter within the dust extractor, it is related to the contaminant and dust. Dust Class L (Light Hazard) Suitability for hazardous dust with limit values for occupational exposure >1 Degree of Material Examples penetration (Leakage) % < 1% Plaster Gypsum Warning: Warning: This machine contains dust hazardous to health. This machine contains dust operations,to health. Emptying and maintenance hazardous including Emptying and dust collection means, must only removal of themaintenance operations, includingbe...

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MACHINE ATTACHMENT ANGLE GRINDERS Cup Type Diamond Wheel 115/125mm    195239-9 Enclosed Dust collecting guard 125mm    196845-3 Dust collection wheel guard 115/125mm    193794-5 NO ATTACHMENT REQUIRED NO ATTACHMENT REQUIRED DEMOLITION HAMMERS HM1101C/11C HM0870C/71C HM1203C/13C HM1214C HM1304/B HM1317C/CB HM1812 HM1810 *197168-2 with 28mm hose 28mm direct to hose 28mm direct to hose 28mm direct to hose 28mm direct to hose 28mm direct to hose 28mm direct to hose 28mm direct to hose 28mm direct to hose NO ATTACHMENT REQUIRED NO ATTACHMENT REQUIRED NO ATTACHMENT REQUIRED NO ATTACHMENT...

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Tank Volume: 45 litres Dry Capacity Container: 24 litres Dry Capacity Bag: 20 litres Wet Capacity: 20 litres Input Wattage: 1,000W Power Take Off: 240V 2,000W 110V 1,750W Air Volume: 3.1 m³/ min Max Sealed Suction: 23.0kPa Weight: 16.6kg Comes with Comes with Tank volume (Dust) 22L Tank volume (Wet) 17L Input wattage 1,050W Power take off 1,900W (VC2211M only) Max sealed suction 22.0kPa Max air flow 3.5m³/min Power supply cord 5.0m Weight 16.3kg Hose: Hose: Cuff: Cuff: Cuff: Tank volume 30L Disposal bag volume 28L Wet capacity 23L Input wattage 1,000W Power take off 240v: 2000W Max air flow...

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Our Technologies Makita products are designed and engineered to the highest standards to ensure that operatives can perform efficiently and safely whilst meeting industry legislation. Push and clean VC3012M VC3011L VC2012L VC2512L models Fast and simple semi-automatic cleaning system which cleans the filter in a similar way to Xtreme Clean. 1. Place your hand over the suction pipe creating a vacuum. 2. Activate the cleaning process by pressing the button. 3. Air is sucked in to the vacuum and forced through the filter, clearing the dust away into the bottom of the tank. Automatic cleaning...

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Dust is a general term used to describe various dusts created around a workplace from numerous processes and materials. Some example materials creating dust come from silica, wood (hard & soft), MDF (Medium Density Fibre) and engineered wood. The processes undertaken include drilling, grinding, breaking and sanding. The HSE estimate there are over 500 deaths per year in the construction industry attributable to dust inhalation. Work related respiratory diseases include COPD, occupational asthma and silicosis. The inhalation of dust can be classed into two types, inhalable dust or respirable...

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