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Cordless Hedge Trimmer BUH650, BUH550


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Cordless Hedge Trimmer BUH650, BUH550 - 1

Cordless Hedge Trimmer Satisfy Professional's Needs BUH650 650mm (25-1/2") BUH550 550mm (21-5/8") ZERO LOW EASY Emission Noise Maintenance High Power and Superior Operation with 650/550mm Long Blade ULTIMATE ENERGY Photo: BUH650

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Cordless Hedge Trimmer BUH650, BUH550 - 2

Zero Emission Powered by Minimum Noise Pollution 86.5dB[A] Easy Maintenance e no need for oil replacement, t, draining fuel for storage, cleaning of air filter/muffler/spark plug, g, etc. Extra-easy to start simply by loading batte then pulling switch trig Human and Environment friend plus Minimum running cost thanks to no fuel and oil consumption Cordless He 650mm (25-1/2") BUH650 550mm (21-5/8") BUH550 The best choices for use in Resorts, Public Places and Among Residential Areas. Well balanced to The battery port positio rear end of the tool redu on the front arm and ha Photo : BUH650...

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Cordless Hedge Trimmer BUH650, BUH550 - 3

y ery gger Horizontal trimming 0 degrees Vertical trimming 90 degrees Angled trimming 45 degrees 5-Position rotary handle dly - Locks at 45 and 90 degrees left and right and 0 degree. - Makes vertical and angled trimming easier and faster. Rubberized soft grip edge Trimmer of ergonomic design Ergonomically designed, front loop handle Photo : BUH550 Charging time BL3626 22min. (BL3626) provides higher maneuverability, more comfort and better control while minimizing hand fatigue and pain. No load continuous run time at low speed on a single full battery charge: Electric brake approx. 37 min....

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Cordless Hedge Trimmer BUH650, BUH550 - 4

Photo: BUH550 (option: Chip receiver assembly set ) Accessories Chip receiver assembly set Keeps branch or leaf debris from scattering around. • One-touch installation/removal • Attachable to either side of the blade Arm band complete set protects power supply cord from getting caught in hedges. Part No. 194679-8 Part No. 194681-1 Shear blade Blade cover Battery adapter BAP36N enables to separate the battery from the tool to reduce the tool weight for less hand and arm fatigue. For Model Shear blade Blade cover Variable Speed 194671-4 450489-6 BUH650 Cordless Hedge Trimmer Part No. BUH550...

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