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Cordless 4 Mode Impact Driver BTP140 - 2 Pages

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Cordless 4 Mode Impact Driver   BTP140

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Cordless 4 Mode Impact Driver BTP130 BTP140 Satisfy Professional's Needs PRINTED IN JAPAN Z23249-2 2006-08 Capacity Impacts per minute Blows per minute No load speed Max. fastening torque Dimensions (L x W x H) Net weight BTP130 10mm (3/8") 21mm (13/16") 8mm (5/16") 0-3,200ipm 0-28,800bpm 0-2,400rpm 0-2,400 / 0-700rpm 0-2,400rpm 135N.m(1,200in.lbs) 10N.m (89in.lbs) 186 x 79 x 246mm (7-3/8" x 3-1/8" x 9-11/16") 1.7kg (3.7lbs) Steel Wood Masonry Impact-driver mode Percussion-drill mode Impact-driver mode Drill mode (Hi / Lo) Screwdriver mode Impact-driver mode Drill mode (Lock torque) BTP140 10mm (3/8") 21mm (13/16") 8mm (5/16") 0-3,200ipm 0-27,600bpm 0-2,300rpm 0-2,300 / 0-700rpm 0-2,300rpm 140N.m (1,240in.lbs) 10N.m (89in.lbs) 186 x 79 x 246mm (7-3/8" x 3-1/8" x 9-11/16") 1.8kg (4.0lbs) Items of standard equipment and specifications may differ from country to country. Shoulder Strap for Carrying Case Adjustable Locator Set (option) Part No. 122546-7 Cordless 4 Mode Impact Driver BTP130, BTP 140 436 Mechanical 2-Speed Torque Setting 16 Variable Speed Reversing 14.4V: BTP130 18V: BTP140 Electric Brake Carrying Case Built-in Job Light (option) Part No. 166070-0 Accessories Makita Corporation 3-11-8 Sumiyoshi-cho, Anjo, Aichi, 446-8502 Japan Optimum Charging System Charger's Traditional Charging Method MAKSTAR Charger's Optimum Charging System Voltage Temperature Current Voltage Temperature Current min min :: Communicates with individual battery. :: Recognizes ID of battery and its history. :: Analyzes its condition ; Battery may have been abused by heat or over-discharging, or weakened by cycle age. :: Charges optimum and gentle way with Active 3 Controls ; Active Current Control Active Thermal Control Active Voltage Control :: Knows how to look after each MAKSTAR battery to MAXIMIZE CYCLE LIFE + WORK VOLUME. Built-in Memory Chip Built-in CPU :: Cools down inside battery. 430% Only Achieved with... 430 130 100 Li-ion 3.0Ah Ni-MH 3.0Ah Ni-cd 2.0Ah The numbers in the chart are relative values when the amount of Ni-cd 2.0Ah is indexed at 100. Total Power Delivery Amount of each battery's service lifetime EXTREME STAMINA 430% in comparison with Makita Ni-cd 2.0Ah batteries Life time work volume ZZZ... ANYTIME CHARGE NO MEMORY EFFECT LONGTIME STORAGE LOW SELF DISCHARGE 40% lighter MAKITA 18V Li-ion 3.0Ah MAKITA 18V Ni-MH 3.0Ah LIGHTWEIGHT & COMPACT FIRM HOLDING MULTI CONTACT SHOCK ABSORBING HEAVY DUTY PACK Part No. D-23759 Size: mm 5, 6mm: HSS-TiN drill bits (for metal) 6mm: Tungsten Carbide-tipped drill bit (for masonry) 5, 6mm: Wood drill bits (for wood) Part No. D-23765 Size: Inch 3/16", 1/4": HSS-TiN drill bits (for metal) 3/16": Tungsten Carbide-tipped drill bit (for masonry) 1/4", 1/8": Wood drill bits (for wood) Drill bit assortment 5pcs/set 6.35mm (1/4") Hex shank

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"4-Pole" Direct Current high density Magnet Motor 44 OOppeerraattiioonn MMooddeess for Versatile Light-Work Job Light with Afterglow Function Ergonomically Designed Rubberized Grip. Compact and Lightweight 4-Pole Motor By operating only one lever, operation can be selected from the four : Drill Impact-driver Percussion-drill Screwdriver Also, drilling speed can be changed to the two: High/ Low. Phosphorescent Bumper One-Touch Mode Selection Rubberized Grip BTP130/ BTP140 14.4V 18V Cordless 4 Mode Impact Driver Selectable 2-Speed (High & Low) 186mm (7-3/8") Angled and contoured for perfect...

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